And so you purpose to take a step in the direction of influence and start. This time you aren’t moving to run from regret or to catch up to an expectation, but you are moving because you have been inspired and you can’t not move. You have glimpsed your full potential and you can’t let go of the delicate hand of Hope. It was hard to see her before, but now that you’ve started to move, you realize she’s standing there with you, eyes bright and dancing.

Her grip is firmer than you thought it’d be. That girl is tougher than she looks.

And so with Hope standing by your side, you wonder if she might tell you where you’re headed. But there’s mystery in this Hope. Instead of pulling out a map, she simply repeats the same three words, over and again.

Show up, friend. You don’t have to fix them and you don’t have to save. Show up, with all of your love and insecurity, with all of your messy beauty and irrational fears. Don’t wait until you think you’re ready. Can we really ever be ready for change?

Show up in the world and be who you already are. Not hiding behind a mask of strength. Not pretending to understand things you don’t. Not a girl who has all the answers. Not a mom who can handle everything or a teacher who is always fresh with ideas or a wife who never gets it wrong. Show up human. Show up authentic. Show up today, in everything you do. Be there, present, ready, real, engaged. Show up and see what happens. The world is begging you.

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