“Just because everything is different doesn’t mean anything has changed.” -Irene Peter

Remember that post I did on change a few weeks ago? This might be a good time to read it again. {wink}. It was simply time for a change. What you saw on the former design was lovely (I thought) but what it lacked were things that you could not see.

If you miss the old design, I at least hope you will be able to appreciate the searchable archives and the ease of use of this new one. Darcy has worked her little fingers down to the bone while I have asked for minutia with fonts and sizes and coloring. She is a gem wrapped up in gold topped with a cherry and sprinkled with magical fairy dust. And? Look what she made.
chatting at the sky

And for Tuesdays.

tuesdays unwrapped at cats

And for when you need reminding.

a place for your soul to breathe

It’s not all the way finished, so check back when you can. I am so happy to have something that both looks pretty and works well. And to have Darcy. She is every bit as helpful as everyone says. And then, a little bit more.

title quote from Price Pritchett.