Several years after starting this blog, somewhere around 2008, I was going along, taking myself seriously writing all my thoughts and what-nots. Then, one day in the midst of a blog re-design, I get an email from my designer titled “CATS ideas”. I’m all, Why is she giving me ideas about cats?  I don’t even have a cat.

chatting at the sky

It took me way too much thought and confusion before finally, oh. CATS. Chatting at the Sky. It could be worse, I guess.  Those poor people whose blog names are See High in Texas. Or Have Every Little Lovely. I’ll take the cats.

It’s innevitable these things come down to acronyms. Now it’s normal for me to refer to the blog as CATS, though I try to limit this to my own notes and private lists, lest someone be confused and think I have an actual cat blog. My books are all abbreviated, too. GftGG (pronounced G-fa-da-GG) and AMLW (pronounced A-EM-EL-Way).

While I’m at it, when I’m counting money by twenties? “Tootie-Forty-Sixty-Eighty.” I don’t know what to say about that.

So in CATS news (when typing, it always comes out CAYS first without exception) here is what’s coming up:

April 25-26 :: (in)courage in Real Life is today and tomorrow. Are you signed up to watch? It’s free.

April 27 ::  John preaches at our church! If you’re local, come visit Hope Chapel and listen to John talk about Colossians and Jesus and the hidden life.

April 30:  We’ll share What We Learned in April, our monthly community link up. Do you have your list ready?

May 1 :: The second month of Hope*ologie content will roll out with a brand new focus. April our theme has been Goals and Intention. May is all about Embracing Imperfection. I’m actually in Charlotte right now, recording, writing, and finishing up Hope* content for May. April is still live until the 30th, so if you join now you’ll have access to both months.

hopeologie instagram

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May 3 :: The Nesting Place book release party in Cornelius, NC. Go here for all the details. John and I will be there with the whole family to celebrate my sister’s beautiful new book. And all those waiting for permission to fully embrace the imperfect home we’re in breathe a sweet sigh of relief because finally, a book for us.

July 24-25 :: I’ll be at the She Speaks Conference again this summer, offering two workshops this year: From Blog to Book with my editor, Andrea Doering, during the pre-conference on Thursday and Back to the Basics: Write Like an Artist during the main conference on Friday. I hope to see some of you there.

And finally, last week I ran a guest post by my friend Claire, where she offered to give her book away to 3 people. The winners of her new book, Hope Runs, are Dolly at Soul Stops, LeeAnn Taylor, Debby Sheldon. Check your email for details.

Hope to see some of you soon!