When My Soul is Truly at Rest

While looking through an old journal yesterday, I came across this statement I had written at the top of one page, dated February 8. The year was 2005. Below that statement, I listed out what I thought would be true of me if my soul were at rest (here are the answers...

when the light shines differently here

For two hours I sat by the pool in the shade and still came home with a tan line. That’s how it is in the South – even when you sit in the shade, the summer sun still finds you there, hiding in the shadows. We moved to Detroit from South Carolina the...

in the zone

We’ve entered the serious zone of rest around here. After two days of eating and laughing and Mom doing the cooking, life has slowed to a crawl and I am reveling in the pace of it. Here’s to one more bite and an extra workout on Monday.

more on doing less

Rest of mind and heart is still on my mind. As I’ve peeked in on a few other friends this week, it is on their minds as well. Amber from The Run-a-Muck wrote on finding quietness of spirit earlier this week. Most of the time I don’t ask for much more than...

the eighth day

Rest. Play. Reflect. Do whatever feeds your soul.Take one day a week to remind yourself that you are not a machine.Rob BellSunday tipped over and spilled all over Monday.I’m allowing my soul to rest. Join me?