Consider this a bird call for all you birds who love The Nester. In the middle of her Tour de Rental 2008, her computer came down with a chronic illness. She asked me to post a note to her readers on her blog, which of course I did…adding a little link of my own because I’m the little sister so what did you expect?

Since I am the keeper of all things Nester for at least another 24 hours, I decided to take one of her commenter’s advice and post a few updates of my house that maybe Chatty and Nester readers alike can enjoy. Besides, since she was posting house photos this week, I’m keeping with the theme.

Let me start by saying I’m the worst at remembering to do this. We’ve been at this house for 2 months and still, no finished fireplace wall to show. Some of you have reminded me, saying “HEY! We wanna see that fireplace wall!” Nicely, of course. Well, today is the day. After all, you helped me get there. This was our living room before we moved in. Remember all that brown paneling?I’ve posted about this room a few times. I asked for your help in knowing how to paint it here. You can see the progression if you follow that link. This is what it looks like now, complete with a cute little four year old girl coloring on the floor.

It is hard to get a feel for the wall color here, as I didn’t use my flash in this photo. It is Tobacco Road. Here’s a closer view to give a better idea.

This is the room where we do life, for the most part. The Nester came up a few weeks after we moved in and did the mantle, basically. I took the suggestion of many of you and removed the doors from the built-in shelves.

We haven’t decided what to do with the fireplace. It is wood burning now and that’s what we’ve always had. The man loves to build a fire and I really like having a real one. But we have a guy who has offered us a great deal to run a line for gas logs. It would be nice to flip a switch and have fake fire. Any thoughts? Real or fake?

As soon as I find the boxes containing all my favorite hardback books, I will put them on some of those shelves. For now, it’s fun to look at all the black and white photos of the family.

Speaking of photos, this is the wall opposite the fireplace wall. I love having a table in the family room, as our house was built in 1963 and the open floor plan was not yet invented. So our kitchen is at the other end of the house. But having a table helps it seem more hang-outy. I’ve started a photo wall of white frames here that I may add to as time goes by. I can’t get enough of the white frames.

Thanks for stopping by to peek into my world. I hope those of you who flew in from my sister’s place got your nesting fill for the day. Here’s to hoping she comes back soon.