Saturday night I had 5 oreos, a bite of chocolate cake and 4 chicken nuggets for dinner. I bought coco puffs for the first time in my life and watched chic movies like 27 Dresses and Christy. I’ve stayed up way too late with Monica, Rachel and Phoebe and spent hours catching up on all those wonderful blogs I love so much.

But it was time to see the man again. When he is gone, I turn into a kid. During the day, I am mom and grown up for the most part. But once the kids go down, I am so kid. By myself without another grown up, I watch stupid things and read sporadically and flit from one meaningless project to another. I clean the kitchen obsessively but forget to take out the trash. I leave on every outdoor light and forget to turn them off in the morning. I sleep with my cell phone and eat too much chocolate. But I already mentioned that.

Needless to say, nine days is too long to go without him. And I couldn’t talk about it here because all the killers who read my blog would have come to get me. Well put your guns away, because He’s back now.

I will miss my girl nights with me and myself, but I will not miss the 47 pounds I won’t be gaining now that he’s returned.

Welcome back real food and reasonable bedtimes. And welcome back to The Man.

We have certainly missed you.