The kids are on spring break this week, so I’m attempting to spring break with them. I’m a little embarrassed at the  stack of books I’m working from. And just to add to the insanity, there are 5 more I’m reading from that aren’t in this picture.

I wish I was the disciplined kind of person who could start one book and then finish it, but I’m not. I read books like I eat meals: a little salt, a little sweet, a drink of water, and a green vegetable. I like to mix the delightful and entertaining in with the growing food. And sometimes the growing turns out to be delightful.

In my feeble defense, since I took this photo, I have actually finished three of these books: May B. by Caroline Starr Rose (a lovely novel written in verse that I read in almost one sitting on a Sunday), Quitter by Jon Acuff (I laughed, I cried, I kept my job), and A Sound Among the Trees by Susan Meisner (I love all her stuff).

What books are you reading this spring? Do you read one book at a time or from a stack?