I can’t believe I already have enough stuff to fill a whole ‘nother bullet point post in just one week, but I do. That works out nicely for me, in a way, since every last drop of creative writing juice I have in my brain is being poured out all over the manuscript that is due in three ish weeks. So for today, here are some things that may interest slash inspire slash help you out on this fine Friday.

1. The Same Page Book Club. These girls chose Grace for the Good Girl as their first book ever for their book club and they’re inviting anyone who wants to join in. It’s not too late to read and link up. And if you haven’t yet gotten a copy of the book . . .

2. Grace for the Good Girl is only $5 at LifeWay!! What? I know. They ran this sale last spring and now they’re running it again. The sale applies to purchases both in store and online through November 24.

3. Does your teen girl need to read Graceful? Here are 10 ways to tell. (click on the photo to read the post at (in)courage).

10 ways to know if your teen girl needs graceful

4. Come to The Nester’s Big Sale! It’s this Saturday in Huntersville. I’ll be there. I may bring some books with me just for kicks. I’ll definitely bring a wad of cash because hello, the stuff they’re selling is real stuff. Not yard sale-y. You coming?

5. Simple Mom Podcast. Here’s some fun news – I’m going to be joining Tsh somewhat regularly for her Simple Mom podcast. Now you can listen to Tsh and I talk about driving a minivan, writing books, and wearing boot socks. I know. It’s going to change  your life. Or at least it will make cleaning the kitchen a little more fun if you have it on in the background. You can listen here.

I’ll try to come up with a for your weekend post for tomorrow that says something other than May your weekend be filled with food. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.