All the photos in this post are from the Simply Tuesday launch party taken by my talented friend Barrie Johnson of


If you’re planning to join us for the Hustle-Free Book Club tomorrow, I will share everything you need to know at the end of this post. It’s not too late to join and all are welcome!

If you’re not interested in the book club, this post has lots of photos of the launch party at my sister The Nester’s White Barn so you can scroll through and gaze because that’s fun.


I showed up at her house wearing jeans and a black shirt. Guess what she had on? Sisters to the end, man.


This is the part where I broke into song.

7 Just kidding! I promise I won’t sing on the book club Periscope tomorrow. Well, I take that back. I probably won’t sing on Periscope tomorrow.


Tuesday Food8

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If this is the first time you’re hearing about the book club or periscope, here are all the details you need to know!

Joining is simple:

1. Sign up for the book club here

2. Join the Facebook group here (not on Facebook? Just skip this part!)

3. Follow incourage & emilypfreeman on Periscope

From those links, you should be able to either download the Periscope app or open in the app you’ve already downloaded.

4. Plan to join us live tomorrow Tuesday October 6. Crystal Stine will kick things off at noon EST on the incourage Periscope + I will start around 12:05 EST from my own account. These will be recorded for you to watch later if you can’t join us live.

Hustle-Free Bookclub Reading Schedule:
Oct 6 – chapters 1-3
Oct 13 – chapters 4-6
Oct 20 – chapters 7-9
Oct 27 – chapters 10-12
Nov 3 – chapters 13-15

A couple of days ago I did a quick scope where I shared one thing I’m working to eliminate from my life and three ways I’m trying to do that.

You can check that out by clicking the video below, plus you’ll get a little preview of what to expect from the book club. You’ll see it’s casual, light-hearted, and completely un-edited:

emily p freeman periscopeSeriously though. Why is it impossible to have a normal looking thumbnail screenshot of a video? Here I am sleeping. Just kidding. I was awake.

10Do you have any questions for me about the message of the book or the process of writing it?

Leave it in the comments below and I’ll try to answer it on periscope tomorrow at 12 EST.

Again, the videos will be available for you to watch later if you can’t join us live. Just be sure to sign up so you’ll get the links when they’re ready.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss Part One – leave any questions in the comments!