On the off chance you haven’t been poking around the blog lately, my about and links pages are up and running. Click on the links at the top of the page to see them. I haven’t entered all the links in yet. But I will eventually, so check back. The archives are in process so you will have to wait if you want to rummage through previous posts in an orderly fashion.

I’m glad that so many of you wanted a chance to win the free copy of Jill Savage’s book. The random winner is Sandy Toes! Just email me your address at [email protected] and Hearts at Home will send it to you, Sandy!

In other news, Leonardo DiCaprio and Reece Witherspoon had a baby. And she grew up. And she became a model for J.Crew.


Seriously, do you see it? I have a sickness. Is anyone with me? This one is tame. Wait til you see Conan O’Brian and Pochohontis’ baby. It’s a Barbie is all I’m saying.