We ran out of apple juice about 2 days ago. I am blaming my baby’s asthma for my failure to go to the store (and for being late to bible study and for not finishing the laundry and for not returning phone calls and for…) It’s amazing how many things I have found to blame on asthma. It’s been great. Not the asthma, but the blaming. People are lenient on a mom who has a baby with asthma. Between you and me, it’s not been that bad…initially its a bit scary, but once he saw the doctor and got his medicine, he still plays like normal and eats like normal and sleeps like normal. I guess our days have been pretty normal in the midst of the asthma. Except for the 10 minutes 3 times a day that I have to sit with him and give him his breathing treatment with the nebulizer, our routine hasn’t actually changed at all. But its been a great excuse to be lazy without feeling guilty.

Nebulizer? My spell check doesn’t recognize this word. (and I just spelled ‘spell check’ wrong, by the way). Neb-u-li-zer. Right? Ok, now I’m laughing. Did I make the word up? Could it really be called a nebulizer? I hear a deep, slow and dramatic voice echoing in my head “I will use my galactic nebulizer to penetrate the deflector shield…

Oh my. Needless to say, tonight I finally made it to the grocery store and have replenished our apple juice supply. They are happy to not have to drink only water anymore. (The nerve of a mom to offer her kids cold, clean, abundant water. You would think I had said “you can either have milk or pee” by their reaction). Now they can finally have their watered-down apple juice.

And, more importantly, the baby is beginning to breathe much better. Guess I’m going to have to find another scapegoat.