As you may have noticed, I took a week off. I went to Hilton Head with my kids and my mom-and-sister-in-law. It was an all-girls-plus-my-son week as The Man was away on a youth trip.

I didn’t work all week. I didn’t make one list. I didn’t write even one sentence on my manuscript. I barely did laundry. I happily ate way too much here. I read this book. We watched this movie. And this one. And this one, too.

The ocean water was freezing, but it didn’t keep them out. The pool water was colder, and even I got in. I didn’t see the ocean until I was 12. I’m so glad they are growing up with it.

It is rare to get even a Saturday with nothing planned to do, let alone an entire week. Still, it is good to be home. And now on this anti-Saturday, the challenge will be to find the bliss in the midst of the ordinary chaos. When you find yours, write about it and come back to unwrap it with us tomorrow.