In the midst of an active, blurry week, The Man came home from a walk with a friend who asked him this question: Are you willing to be more and do less? The words stopped me in my dinner making, clothes washing, nose wiping tracks. On the scale of life, these days my doing far outweighs my being.

Be more. Do less. It sounds as blissful as it does unrealistic. I hear the mocking voice of reason, the one telling me how the sentiment is nice, but the reality is that things just have to get done. There is no room for rest, for still, for quiet. The words repeat like a drumbeat in the background.

Do. Act. Work. Produce.

But there is another Voice. The voice of One who invites me to abide in Him and rest. He renews, restores and redeems. In the inspired words of Sarah Young, He bends time in my favor. And the gentle rhythm of truth rises from within.

Be. Trust. Receive. Respond.

When I live as though I believe that’s true, activity doesn’t stop. Rather it takes on new life. It doesn’t require an entire day of quiet reflection, although I wouldn’t turn it down. It is purposing in my heart not to fret.  It is allowing the day to go as it will. It is holding my plans with an open hand and a willing heart. When I have a chance to either be still or check my email, I can choose to be still. Not every time. Just this time.

Even in the midst of lots of activity, our souls have permission to rest. I don’t always choose rest, but this is a sweet reminder to me that I have options.