chatting at the skySometimes I have a little trouble balancing things. I’m no good at doing one load of laundry every day. I have good intentions, but I typically end up doing most of it all at once because we’ve run out of underwear. Another thing I do? I wait too long for ‘me’ time, and then when I get it, I hoard it like a starving dog, worried I may never get it again.

Perhaps it’s because for the last six years, it has been mostly about them. Now that I have two days a week where they are all in school, I’m not sure what is allowed. Can I spend the entire four hours on my favorite introverted activities like reading and musing and chatting at the sky? Do I need to be productive and clean the house from the top of the fridge to the baseboards? Shouldn’t I finish that project? Write that book? Learn a new language? Save the world?

I’m still trying to find that happy place between living restfully and being productive. But today I have put all that aside because I have made a hair appointment. Then? I’m going to lunch with a real-life girlfriend. It seems so indulgent, those things. Still, they are the very things I always say are so important, yet very rarely schedule for myself.

Sometimes its the little things, the daily things, the ordinary things that I need to notice and celebrate. Today I am celebrating a different kind of gift: permission to be indulgent.

And one more thing. See that necklace I’m wearing? It’s a Lisa Leonard piece. And it could be yours. Come back tomorrow. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

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