When we were first married 7 years ago, I was a decorating idiot. I remember nearly having a nervous breakdown because in one room of our house we had 15 foot ceilings. The walls were all white and I knew I wanted color but the idea of choosing one brought me to my knees. I’m not exaggerating. Like, literally crying on my knees, an emotional new-bride basket case. The man wasn’t sure what he had gotten himself into, I’m certain of that.

I’ve gained confidence in what I like over the years: a lot less crying and a lot more trying…and buying. At least when it comes to the basics.

I’ve been encouraged and motivated the past few weeks to do some more things in our house, namely adding fabric and layers of texture to help it feel more cozy. I’ve been waiting for stems to go 1/2 price at Hobby Lobby. This week, they did. So I bought these.

I have no idea what to do with them.

I’ve also been waiting for a good chance to drive south to a discounted fabric store. Today the chance came, so I bought these.
I have no idea what to do with them, either. Are you seeing a pattern here? Other than the obvious checks and toile?

I have the basics down. I can pick out a couch, no problem. I can pick out a table without help. I know a must-have tassel when I see one. I have confident taste in paint colors, back splash tiles and light fixtures. It’s the the little extra things that give me problems. Like how to arrange those stems that I love. And how to mistreat a window without being laughed out of town.

Seriously, I mistreated a window in our half bath. Yeah, there is no way in Tinsel Town I would show you the result. It was an abomination to all things Nester. Forget the normal Window Treatment people, I would have been arrested by the Mistreaters as well. It was a crooked hot mess.

Do you have trouble with the extras? The layering? The textures and patterns? I think my biggest obstacle is a lack of confidence in that area. I need to give myself permission to try something, hate it, and then try something else. I would do well to remember The Nesters’ mantra: it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.

Still, what to do with all those stems?