My sister and I used to live half a block away from each other. Next month, it will be two years since they moved away. This time of year I get kind of nostalgic about it. Not to mention the fact that the Lost finale was last night so that just solidifies the season of goodbyes.

And my house is a mess. Used to, when my house was a mess and I needed a change of scenery, I would grab the kids and we would walk down the street and hang out with The Nester.


Only she wasn’t The Nester back then. But she still nested. Her home is always so cozy and inviting. And she makes a great iced coffee.nester-desk

When you’re on the verge of losing your mommy mind, or your grown-up, work full-time mind,  or whatever kind of mind you might happen to have, there is something about having a place to go. Like Cheers except without the addictions.


Something that seems so important and patient-testing when I am by myself turns comical and lighthearted when I’m with my sister. Everyone should have someone like that. And everyone should also have a jar of wooden eggs with a spoon in it. Don’t you just love her?


She only lives a few hours away now, so I really can’t complain. Still, today I’ll have to settle for these photos I took at her house. It’s not as good as the real thing, but I’ll take it.