Thank you all so much for the thought you put into helping me on Thursday. Even more, thank you for reading, for supporting, for saying encouraging things and for being your encouraging selves. Not having a title for your book is like not having a name for your baby . . . a week after she is born. And she sleeps there in her crib without a monogram on her blankies. Everyone asks what you call her and you start to describe the color of her hair and how much she weighs, but really they kind of just want to know her name and maybe a middle name and then they will move on.

In other news, we got a dog. Oh wait, I already told you that. It’s been three weeks and the thing I never thought would happen has happened. It feels normal. Still, our cable, phone, and internet were out for two days because of the fence we had put up because of the dog. And the dog has now chewed on nearly every piece of furniture I own. And I now say No, Finn and Who let the dog out? more often than I inhale. And I’ve cleaned up dog barf while singing Whoooo Let the Dogs Out? because that song is pretty much always in my head now. How can this possibly feel normal? I have no answers. But it just kind of does. I call it a miracle.

I hope you are having a fantastic Labor Day Weekend. See you on Tuesday for Tuesdays Unwrapped!