They look burgundy brown in the shade and the dark. Sometimes almost purple. But when the sunlight hits, they catch fire.

If you see it in the morning, you can look away easy, just another tree planted near the curb. But when the sun sinks low in the west, over the rooftops and the basketball goal, past the tired day and headed down toward tomorrow, this tree burns red.

The Compassion bloggers have arrived in Ecuador. They flew with cameras and eyes ready. Full. Empty. Weary. Expectant. They are seeing the red-burn in that country, the work of Compassion and of love. They are seeing what light does when it hits darkness. For the next four days, they invite us to see with them. Join me in offering bowed heads and bended knees for them and the children they are meeting?

Amanda @ Baby Bangs
Ann @ A Holy Experience
Kelly @ Kelly’s Korner
Melanie @ The Big Mama Blog
Sophie @ Boo Mama
Shaun Groves
Keely Marie
Patricia Jones

You can find a list of all their posts here. And you can see the faces of the children they will meet here.