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I am always tempted to want what isn’t. When I’m with them, sometimes I long for alone and then when I’m alone, I miss them terribly. That internal conflict was one of the motivations to start Tuesdays Unwrapped – celebrate what is real and true this day, not what will be or what is to come.

There is nearly always a gift in the moment if we take the time to look for it. I say ‘nearly always’ because I’m just not sure I’ve grown to the place where I can always see the gift. But Tuesdays around here sure do help the perspective.

This week we had 96 people link up on Tuesday to share those moment-gifts, both big and small. And even though tears come easily for me anyway, it still surprised me when I felt their sting seeing all those beautiful squares of thankfulness in that post this week – your faces, your families, your stories, and your heart.

If you’ve never joined us on a Tuesday, I’m inviting you to do so this week. It is a lovely community of women (and sometimes a man or two). So keep your eyes open and your hands willing to receive the moment-gifts between now and then, and come back ready to share those gifts, those good things that come from an unchanging Father of lights.