After spending several days (weeks maybe?) outside of my comfort zone in preparing to shoot this wedding, coming back to the words is all warm blankets and potato soup. As I prepare to leave next weekend—picking out a bag to pack, heading off to Target (again), rationing out my suitcase space—I know that writing will be the way I process through this coming trip. It is a great relief. I also know there is a great possibility I have no idea what leaving my comfort zone is really like. Not yet, anyway.

My deepest prayer has changed. First, it was Lord, keep me from panic on that airplane. But I know you have prayed, and that fear has miracle faded some. Now, my deepest prayer is simply, Lord.

I don’t even know what to pray, how to think or feel or act. I’m content with that for now.

The sun slows these May evenings, the shadows longer, the air sweet, warm honeysuckle and gardenias. It’s early summer in my backyard, and sometimes that’s as far as I want to go. And while happiness and joy can be found anywhere, it isn’t always happiness and joy we seek. Sometimes we need to see the beggars, the broken, the beautiful. We need to see compassion with hands and feet, much in the midst of little. And in seeing them, we see ourselves better.

These thoughts simmer slow, undone and waiting. Bear with me as they simmer still over the next few weeks. I simply ask for grace as I bring you with me on this adventure. I can’t believe it’s nearly here.