I’m watching Survivor this season. (Okay, I watch it every season. Leave me alone). But this season, they’re competing in the Philippines. There was a challenge this week where they had to crawl through mud, then a pile of rice, then dig in more mud for balls to shoot into a basket-type thing.

The winning team got to travel to a nearby village and surprise the kids with hula hoops and crayons.

In turn, the families made the contestants a beautiful meal.

It was a sweet picture.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about that rice from the challenge.

There was so much of it.

What will they do with all that rice?

I only spent a week in the Philippines with Compassion last year, but I saw enough to know that rice they rolled around in could feed a lot of people.

the part where I steal this banner from Layla & Kevin’s blog so I can tell you about their trip.

Compassion is on the move.

Sneaking in here for a rare night post to whisper a request that you pray for our friends in Peru?

This week, JenLayla and KevinShaun, and Angie (and her adorable twin girls) are bearing witness and burdens of children and families living in poverty there. They are meeting the kids they sponsor, loving the only way they know how, and telling us all about it.

They bring more than hula hoops and crayons. They even bring more than rice. They get a front row seat to watch how Compassion International carries the Hope of the world into the lives of these children.

And because they have a front row seat, we can too.

You can read all of their posts here.