September used to be my least favorite month. Nothing happens in September. It’s not really summer, it’s too early for fall. The pool is closed, there are no trips planned, and it always felt like a long month of waiting for October.

And then he chose September to propose. Now, it’s heavy with the memory of a dozen orange roses, a diamond ring, and young dreams of forever love. The evening air is just cool enough that you can breathe in deep without swallowing mosquitoes, and as I do, I consider how I am living my dream with this man and these kids and this house we have made. I am compelled to receive the gift and push away the complaint and the grumble and the creeping, sneaking apathy.

But thinking of September 10 years ago does something else. It makes me think of 10 years from now. Because maybe my house will be turned upside down or maybe we’ll visit Pinky in Bangledesh or maybe all this stuff we’ve accumulated will catch fire and burn to nothing. We just don’t know. And so, I want to receive the gifts of now while knowing they may not be forever. Also, I want to consider new dreams that may include less stuff and more heart. Less fear, more love.

Tuesdays are the day we gather here to pause and unwrap the gifts to be found in the daily minute. If you would like to join in, welcome! If you have questions, check out the information on my Tuesdays Unwrapped page. If you are reading in a reader, you may have to click over to see the links and I really hope you read at least a few. So happy here on my favorite day of the week. Join us?

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