The volume of normal life chaos was turned down over the weekend as I traveled alone to the wedding. In its place was real music from my iPod, uninterrupted by backseat fighting or endless mental checklists.


There I was in the drive-thru line at Chic-fil-a, waiting for my biscuit, when one of my favorite Waterdeep songs began to play. I sang along out of habit until the quiet car allowed space for me to hear the chorus again, as if for the first time.

A thankful heart prepares the way for you my God…Come fall on us, we fall on You
A thankful heart will be our rhythm. Come fall on us, we fall on You, A thankful heart will be our song

And it wasn’t even a Tuesday. Isn’t that what happens with a thankful heart? The way is prepared for God to show up. Not as if He isn’t already here. Just that it can be hard to notice in the midst of the heavy mess.

That is what we do in this space on Tuesdays and I am happy for the re-discovery of these lyrics so I could have another perspective on the importance of cultivating a thankful heart. For complete details on how to link up, please see this post.