The Nester and her family came to visit this weekend. They just moved from their old neighborhood (which also happened to have a community pool aka: GOLD MINE). So they’ve been hot, which she recently posted about here.
Nothing a hose and a couple of Rubbermaid storage tops can’t fix.This one was especially glad to have her boy cousins in town. She is all about some action. They were all here because somebody turns 2 today.
It seems like just last week I was writing this post. And now poof…it’s been 2 years. I haven’t had a lot of time to sit and think about the past 2 years since he made our little family complete. I tend to need lots of time to think and process before I can truly appreciate how crazy blessed I am. For now, I am simply thankful to celebrate life with family. And cake. And Rubbermaid tops.