She sat next to me in church and I watched as she carefully finished putting the smiley face on the animal she was drawing. She leaned into me, as if to tell a secret. Mommy? How do you spell DOG? I quickly told her and she wrote each letter slowly in the middle of the page, unsure of the G but happy with her work. I looked back up to listen on Proverbs and wisdom and fools, and I felt her close again, full of another whisper question: Mommy? How do you spell I WANT A?

Smart girl, that one. I think she and her Daddy have a secret plan to weaken my no-dog resolve. I feel slightly un-Amercian admitting this, but I have never had a dog, asked for a dog or even wanted a dog.

I do not hate the dogs. I just don’t know the dogs.

But I have a Man and a girl who love dogs. So I’m thinking that the day might come when some dog out there manages to work her way into my cold, un-American, sensible heart. Again, I am not against the dogs. In fact, I love the idea of a dog. But the pretend idea dog doesn’t shed and can stay alone when we leave town. Most of all, the idea of a dog doesn’t depend on me to feed it and walk it and basically keep it alive. I’m all about the pretend idea of a dog. When did I become such a boring grown up?

So what do you think? Can you talk me into wanting a non-pretend real dog? With hair and everything? I doubt it, but we’ll see.