I love to read. I didn’t really have a good book mentor growing up, though. I just read whatever I could get my hands on. So instead of classics and meaningful, childhood literature, there was a lot of Amelia Bedelia, Ramona Quimby, and Sweet Valley Twins. And yes, later it was Sweet Valley High. I still can’t hear the name Lila without thinking of snobby Lila Fowler which leads to red-headed Enid, sensible Elizabeth and Bruce Patman (who bears a strange resemblance to Tony Danza in my head.)

I was planning a post about some books I have read this year, but then I thought “Oh wait. I haven’t read any books this year.” Any. I’ve read paragraphs. And maybe even a few chapters here and there. Unless I can count Dora Goes to the Beach. But I don’t think I can. So I was planning to reflect on some of the words I’ve read this year that have been meaningful to me. Then I checked out my friend Kari‘s blog and saw that she wrote a post about the books she’s read. There were 13 of them…for January. Total, she has read 152 books. In a year. True business. I do not lie. I think she might be my hero. If I remember correctly, the entire Sweet Valley High series is about 152 books long. Not that I would know that.

So even though my repertoire is not nearly as impressive, here are a few books I have started and intend to finish this year.
My creation
Among my short list is a daily devotional by Brennan Manning, Reflections for Ragamuffins. I intend to continue to pick that one up from time to time. It should be called a “from time-to-time devotional”.

Another is Choosing Rest and was written by a local author, Sally Breedlove. I’ve been in the process of reading it for several years now. I’ve not read it in order, which is sort of against all things I believe in (books should be read from beginning to end. There is to be no checking the last page to see if it ends well. Just as movies should be watched in the order intended by the creator ie: Star Wars Episode IV should always come before Episode I because that’s the way it was intended. But I digress.)

I have a fond affection for Jane Austen. I read Pride and Prejudice a long time ago, then re-read it a few years ago and had a renewed love for the English language as well as a tendency to say things like “fond affection”. So I’ve recently picked up Emma and look so forward to getting to know her.

Spinning Straw into Gold is a book I ordered this past summer and am most excited by it. It is by Jane Gould and the sub-title is What Fairy Tales Reveal About the Transformations in a Woman’s Life. And since I spend a lot of time with princesses these days, this is a fascinating read so far. I’ve only read the first 2 chapters…but it oozes with quotable quotes.

There are a few other books I have picked up this year, but the covers weren’t nearly as colorful and wouldn’t have looked good in the photo above. I feel the need to confess that, what with all the warnings about judging and all.