I bought fudge rounds today. I haven’t bought fudge rounds since 1992.

I needed them, though, because the chocolate cake my mom left here from my dad’s birthday is gone. Took care of that entirely by myself. She only brought half the cake. But still. And yes, I am looking forward to the mint chocolate chip ice cream tonight.

I don’t know what’s up with my sweet tooth. I’ve got a mouth full of sweet teeth.

I think its the house. I haven’t named her yet. Well, not gonna lie, I kind of have. But I’m waiting a while before I start really calling her that just to be sure it fits. Kind of like how you don’t wanna tell the fam the name of your baby before it’s born because what if you change your mind and they’ve already ordered the monogram.
I’ve learned a lot about her over the past 3 weeks, though. I think she was a little reluctant about us coming in and changing things all up. She’s pretty traditional…not crazy about change. Speaking of change, I took this photo last week. Then the Nester came and borrowed things from this room to nest up the rest of the rooms, leaving this room looking rather bare. Lots of rooms in this house. I wasn’t sure if I would like that at first, as “the open floor plan” is kind of the thing these days.I’ve been enjoying it so far. There are lots of places to be. And I’m all about being. It also leaves a lot more places for toys to be. As you can clearly see, here on our table right off the kitchen.

Which brings me back to the fudge rounds.
Look at her. She’s totally mocking me. It’s all her fault. All this thinking and nesting and hammering and cleaning. I’m lucky my sweet teeth are my biggest problem. That and the whole house name commitment thing.

I will let you know when I’ve settled on one…in plenty of time for you to order that monogram.