A Monday PrayerWhether you’re caucusing in Iowa, teaching in Texas, serving in Omaha, or waiting in New York –

If you’re dreaming, moving, staying, seeking, or reading in your own backyard –

For those who are rocking the baby, washing the dishes, cleaning the gutters, shopping for groceries, planning transitions, fighting for justice, or matching the socks again –

Whether you are starting, finishing, or carrying on –

For anyone who wants to pray but can’t quite find the words, may you find a prayer here to borrow that fits your moments just right:

For When We Need Some Motivation

For When Life Moves Too Fast

For Those Who Are Grieving

For When You Need Some Confidence

For the Waiting Time

For When Things Feel too Serious

For the People in Joy and in Grief

For the New Year

For the Beginner

For Peace

For the Homesick

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