Dear Sophie Marie,

I know that people may think I’m crazy for giving you a name, but I don’t care. You deserve one. Especially after this past week. You have shined. You have smiled. You have welcomed strangers warmly and whispered sweet nothings to them as they walked your halls. As potential buyers imagined you as their own, you held your head high and promised them home.

And it has been worth it, for in a mere 6 days you have managed to do what other houses have only dreamed of: you convinced someone else to fall in love with you and to sign a contract stating their intentions with you.

I know today is a tough day, as you are being picked, prodded, analyzed and pushed to your limits by that house inspector. He wants to see what you’ve got, girl. Show him! You can do it, I know you can.

Thank you for all your hard work. Thank you for the home you have so graciously been for our family. I hope you can forgive us for leaving you, but our relationship seems to have run its course.

You’ve done good, girl. You’ve done real good.

Your loving owner,