So I’m doing it. I’m writing about my new house. It is so on the brain that it’s hard to think about other, more meaningful things anyway. I guess for an audience that enjoys looking for a paci in a pile of junk, seeing photos of my new house will be a change that is welcome.

It has been easier to write about my current house because I love it and it is home. I love this house too…but not yet like I WILL love it. So here it is in all its over-grown glory.
It was built in 1963, the year JFK was assassinated. I’ve always loved reading about American history in the 60’s so there’s that. Our plan is to tear out a lot of the plants…not all of them, as there are hydrangeas and delightful looking bushes with little white bell-shaped buds. We are also going to paint the brick to match the siding. Can’t wait to do that.

Some of my favorite things about this house?
This white picket fence. It is homey. And that building there? It’s the room off the garage, better known to us as the man room. We’ve never had a man room. Or a garage, for that matter.
This is the breakfast area in the kitchen. Love those floors and the room gets great light, too.

When I looked through the front window of this house (that was empty but not for sale, by the way), this is the first thing I saw. My heartbeat sped up and I realized maybe there was more to this house than meets the eye. We had our eye on it for months before we went inside. The owner had moved out but had not put it on the market yet. So we tracked her down and begged her to let us walk through in a very we-want-to-see-your-house-REAL-BAD-but-we’re -not-really-interested kind of way. We had to play it cool. I don’t think she fell for it.

So she met us there. And we looked. And we liked. And we prayed. And she liked us. She set a price. Then we set a price. Then she accepted, not because she liked the price but because she liked us and wanted a family to live there and be happy. Because she was the 2nd owner of this house. She said it had been a happy house for her and her husband (who has died) and her children (who are grown). And it will be a happy house for us.

Some things that aren’t so happy? Well, this room, for one. And the crematorium they like to call the fireplace. And check out the light tube in the ceiling…when you stand under it and look up, it’s kind of Jetson-y.
Not a problem, though. Already in the process of being taken care of.
That’s Ray. He smells like smoke and coffee from Biscuitville. He works fast and has been very patient with Indecisive Girl from Planet the-paint-colors-I-choose-determine-my-happiness. I went with Tobacco Road in this room. Was there any other choice? We also smoothed out the popcorn ceilings in here. Very soothing. And smooth.

And then there was this.Every window in the house had these wooden cornice boards built just for them. Whenever I hear “custom built” it always gives me pause, just like the Reindeer up on the housetop (go on, sing it in your head…you’ll see. I know you think its “paws” but it’s not. Really).

So we got rid of those, too.

This was the sunroom before we closed on the house. Not too sunny what with all those blinds covering up those beautiful windows.

Looks sunnier here, even though it was raining. And yes, that is a hot tub out those back windows. No, it doesn’t have water in it. Yes, it does work. How do I feel about it? I’m still not sure.

Now so far I’ve showed you some photos of either things I love or things I don’t love but are in progress. Ready for something I hate that hasn’t been touched yet? Wait for it…
Yes, my sweet friends. That is our master bedroom. Pink walls. Plum trim. Custom-built cornice thing on the window. A wall-papered cornince thing. Nice. But those floors scream potential.

So there you have it. This flower was blooming in the backyard, by the way. She likes to pose with flowers. I’m sure I’ll be posting more before, in-progress and after photos as time goes on. This post was kind of a big step for me, as I feel like I’m cheating on my current house by writing about another one. So many issues.