It feels a bit risky sometimes to share things that are real and vulnerable in this place. But here is one of the reasons why I do it:

I keep thinking that in 16 years I’ll be able to rest. I squeeze in what I can here and there, but I’m like you–I feel there are things God wants so badly to tell me, and I just busy up my life to the point that I can’t hear Him sometimes. Not because I’m not doing the things I should, but because “busy-ness” in general sometimes distracts us. I know what it feels like to live in remodeling and moving chaos, and can only promise that rest comes in its own time and own way. Maybe not as much as we feel we need, but sufficient for the day. Sleep. Read. Smile. Take in the joy of little moments and you’ll come through it ok!

What a great word from my bloggy friend, Jennifer P. in response to my last post. Thanks Jennifer and to all you other girls, too…for relating with me in this familiar place of need and longing.

This weekend I purposed to take notice of the moments I could steal during the day to listen to my Father’s voice. I have to be more creative to find those moments and they look so different now than they used to. But they are there, and I have found joy in the discovery. I’m still not giving up on my quest to have a silent retreat with yours truly, but it has been a relief to find small spaces for my soul to breathe even in the midst of everyday life.