Every now and then, I meet someone who reads my blog and also reads The Nester’s blog but doesn’t know we’re sisters. Just a few weeks ago, she and I were together chatting with someone who reads both of us and one of us said ‘my sister’ and she flipped. out. Didn’t know we were sisters. Good times.

There’s something really magical about having a sister. Here you are, a grown up person, but there is this other grown up person who knew you when you were a little person. And she has the same parents! It’s like, she’s kind of me. But not. I’m friends with myself. Except so much better. Because I would get on my own nerves, but she? Is fantastic. And supportive. And hilarious. And thinks I’m funny even when I am not.

You know the best part about writing a book? Having a sister who is excited that you wrote a book. And so she’s hosting a party to prove it. Go on over to her place for the preliminary details. And if you live within a reasonable distance to Charlotte, save the date and I hope to see you there!