A Blessing for the New Year

We have all quietly stepped over the invisible threshold, the old slipping away into last year and the new presenting herself before us, waiting.

In the turning of the year, no one is left behind.

And so we begin another year-long journey, bags packed whether we realize it or not.

If we don’t pay attention, those self-packing bags tend to fill up heavy with burdens we don’t need.

Today, take a peek into your bag.

Do you see shame right there on top?

Is comparison hiding in the zipped up pouch?

Is fear rolled up tight and heavy on the bottom?

Recognize what is making your own pack feel heavy, and consider replacing those items today. There are lighter bundles to bring along.





And so today we return to our work and we find things to be piled just as we left them.

Perhaps you are tentatively carrying a new energy as you face your tasks, but you suspect it won’t last long.

Push away dark thoughts of defeat.

You don’t have to conquer a whole year at once.

Start small. Celebrate progress.

Turn down the future’s invitation to pull you into anxiety.

Say no to the past’s whispers dragging you into regret.

Refuse to rehearse your failures again. Remember you don’t need those anymore.

Accept the invitation of Jesus who lives with you in this moment, inviting you to be present, to be loved, and to be fully yourself.

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