Browsing on Facebook, I saw a picture of a lovely girl I graduated with from my high school in Michigan. Her husband died last year, leaving her with three young kids to bring up in the world. This keeps me up at night sometimes, this fear. Yet there she was, perhaps not even having passed the first anniversary of his death, and in that photo she was so beautiful; smiling on a plane to Disney World with her parents and her babies around her in the seat, holding a Starbucks cup.

After death, there is still life. Disney and family and coffee and smiling are for the living. She was living, is living. I know it’s maybe ridiculous for me to even be writing this from such an outside perspective, but seeing her face and the faces of her children gave me great hope – that even when the worst has happened, there are still gifts. Hope. Life.

And so today, there is bright hope because:

1. This great big world has not stopped spinning.

2. The sky remains firmly overhead.

3. The mountains have not fallen into the sea, at least not yet today.

4. Trees and ground and garden are bursting with life and color here in the States, and it isn’t because a politician signed a paper and said they could.

5. It’s because God moves through nature and souls like a whisper on water and he cannot be held back. It’s upside down and it doesn’t make sense and it goes against all that seems normal and sane. But life shoots up straight out of death and no one can make it stop.

What is your bright hope today?