Welcome to the first of 31 Days of Grace! It’s finally October, the month that ushers in the season of tricking and treating, giving and thanks, merry and jolly, holy and hushed. It is the first long month of crazy. What if, every day in October, we took a few minutes to receive the gift of our belovedness? For 31 days straight, I want to walk with you towards a more spacious heart. I will not give you a list of things to do, I want to inspire you to receive the abundance of that which has already been done.

There are 8 of us writing a 31 Days series this month. We are all very different, but we have some things in common. One of those things is that we all believe that blogging is a valuable platform from which to communicate our passion, and so we are excited to offer you 31 Days of inspiration, information, and motivation (and for free!) Some of us will offer tips, tutorials, or some small thing to work on everyday. Others will provide a different perspective for you to consider when thinking about home or entertaining or decorating. I can’t wait to see what they all have to say.

But here, in this space on these days, I want to invite you to receive. What if you come here for a few minutes everyday in October with open hands, a willing heart, and a soul ready to breathe in sweet grace? Would it make a difference? I invite you to find out.

And for your convenience, here are the other 7 bloggers and topics:

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Speaking of Reluctant Entertainer, the winners of Sandy’s book are Amber Filkins and Rachel. Email me your addresses! emily(at)chattingatthesky(dot)com

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