One reason I’m so excited about this series of 31 Days is because all of the women writing beside me are writing about grace. They won’t call it that, but that’s what it is.

The Nester is teaching about 31 Days to a Less Messy Nest. Not a perfect nest. Not an immaculate nest. Not even more clean. Just less messy. There is room in that title. There is space to breathe and live and act without pressure. Sandy is writing about 31 Days to Stress-Free Entertaining. Not perfect entertaining. Not a magazine spread. Just stress-free. Or grace-filled.

Melissa is sharing with us 31 Days of Autumn Bliss. Her home is beautiful, but what makes it so is her heart. Her ideas are not to shame or scold for doing your house wrong. Rather, they are meant to encourage and inspire, as she truly believes in the beauty of our homes reflecting who we are rather than what we own.

Kendra is writing about 31 Days to an Inspired Table. She talks about what happens between the walls of your kitchen. She will not give you recipes to cook to perfection, with measurements and oven timers. She will give invite you to think differently about the way you see cooking. She will invite you to show yourself grace and extend graciousness to your family.

Emily is writing beautifully about 31 Days of Living Simply. I love they way she gently motivates in her writing, encouraging us to slow, to savor, and to simply live. And Jen is writing on 31 Days to More With Less, where she offers advice on budgeting and how to live free when money is tight. They are not approaching it from a you-have-to or you-should. They are sharing with you their passion and their perspective with love. And grace.

And Darcy is writing 31 Days to a Better Photo and I think these post just may be my favorite tutorials on photo-taking ever.These posts should be in a book. She is encouraging us to begin where we are, rather than feel intimidated by where we think we should be. All grace.

I totally and completely stole this photo from Darcy’s flickr stream because hello? Darcy is always behind the camera never in front of it and I have zero photos of her. And then when she sent me one of she and The Nester to use for this post, it was quickly vetoed by The Nester. So here she is with Harry.

There are plenty of blogs and websites and TV shows that fill the air waves with arrogance, pride, and cynicism. You can read those, if you’d like. I do sometimes. But I always feel a little less-than when it’s over, like I just took a bath in dirt. I don’t think you’ll feel that way when you read these 31 Days Series. I think you’ll leave encouraged. And I think you’ll get a little taste of grace.