If you watch children closely, you will see grace all over them. There is freedom to play (playing is their job you know), real-life proof that even in labor, lightness and joy is possible.
They have a willingness to be weak, a longing for comfort, an excitement for learning, and best of all, a deeply rooted inclination to live in this present moment. Grace is constantly pulling us into The Great Right Now, encouraging us to cease worry over the future, to release regret over the past.

Grace whispers, This is the day. These children know the secret of now . . .

. . . and I long to learn it from them.

I want to encourage you to find an image that says grace to you and come back to share it with us tomorrow. I will have image links set up, just like we do for Tuesdays Unwrapped. No need to write a long post. Think in pictures this time. It can be anything that whispers freedom, lightness, acceptance, love, truth — grace. Later this week, you will have another opportunity to link up to a more in depth post, but for now, I want to see those images. I can’t wait for tomorrow!