“I do not understand the mystery of grace — only that it meets us where we are and does not leave us where it found us.” – Anne Lamott

Grace is her middle name, born two months early, fighting strong in the NICU in that miracle way only 4 pound babies can do. Grace escorted me, a mama of twins, away from the hospital while they slept inside. Grace got up with me in the wee morning hours, through the tears and the tylenol, to tend to children who needed healthy and well. Grace pulls me down, again and again, to my knees. And when I finally get there, Grace kneels with me, with tender mama hands holding tight to mine, and strong daddy arms to pull me back up again. Grace is a three-year-old balancing books on her head, walking slow with still face and arms stretched out wide. Grace is beautiful and feminine and pink. Grace is strong and masculine and deep shades of magnificent strength. Grace shows up on time, every time. And also, grace is always there.

Grace is said before a late November meal, around a table circled with family hands politely joined together. Grace is poured out like an offering, all over us, like when Peter said Never! and then did it anyway. Grace offers a gift, a freedom, a sense of belonging. Grace welcomes us home when we finally return. Grace is enough. Grace is a person. Grace lives in me.

There are so many ways to think on grace — through a child’s eyes, a mama’s eyes, or worldly-worn-out, needy eyes — when you start to look for it, the grace that comes from God is everywhere. I wouldn’t stake my life on Anne Lamott’s theology, but I love the respect she gives to the concept of grace, admitting that it both accepts us and moves us — He both accepts us and moves us on.

If you would like to write a post about what grace is, there will be opportunity to link up here next week. Tomorrow I will share with you another linky party I have planned, so you will have two chances to link up as these 31 Days of Grace come to a close. It’s time to put this grace into your hands and see what comes out! In light of all we’ve talked about this month, finish this sentence for yourself this morning: Grace is . . . And I would love for you to put it in the comments so we can hear your voice.