I wasn’t born yet when Dick Sargeant replaced Dick York as Darrin on Bewitched in 1969, but you’d better believe I noticed in the reruns. My sister and I spent many a summer morning watching TBS in the 80s, and Bewitched was one of our mainstays. It didn’t seem right that they could just switch the actors and not say anything about it.

When I talk about grace, I have to talk about Jesus. Sometimes I wish it didn’t have to be that way, wish that I could offer more to the general market, wish that I could keep it all generic and one-size-fits, wish that I could switch Darrins and nobody notice. It would be easier. But it wouldn’t be true.

True grace, the real kind that is free, the real kind that comes without strings or expectation, only Jesus can extend. So to talk for a month about grace and to leave out Jesus would be cheap. It might be more comfortable for me, but it would leave giant holes and life-sized gaps. To talk about grace without Jesus would be like casting the second Darrin and not saying anything – It can be done, but it doesn’t feel right.

So even though I may not always say his name, just know that the only kind of grace worth thinking about for a month is the true kind that comes from his hands.