Do you want a way to ensure you will have to practice receiving and extending grace? Well I’ve got it: commit to write about it for 31 days in a row. We’re only on day 10, and this daily considering has brought to the surface so much of my desperate need. And I hear the steady whisper reminding me to believe it for myself. And I do. But it doesn’t always come at once, and it isn’t always easy. When words are too many and thoughts are heavy and scattered, music can sometimes speak into the chaos better than anything else.

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In the coming days, I will share a bit more of my own personal grace journey with you, as well as a few more stories and snapshots of how grace shows up in the midst of everyday life. We are one-third of the way through this series and I want to thank you for joining me so far. If you have missed the beginning, you can catch up here.