Here are 12 things I learned in April, in no particular order:

1. If you put Alexis Bledel in a movie with Zachary Levi (Rory and Chuck!), I’m going to watch it. And I’m probably going to like it even if it is cheesy and predictable.


2. Cutting flowers and branches from my yard and bringing them inside puts me in a good mood.

3. Thirty-six doesn’t feel any different than thirty-five. I know this seems obvious, but thirty-five felt way different than thirty-four. Thirty-four you are still early thirties and thirty-five definitely kicks you over to mid-thirties. But thirty-six still feels mid-thirties to me and I’m going to hold on to that.

4. Podcasting with Tsh helps me not to take myself too seriously.

5. Ollie’s sells Grace for the Good Girl for 4.99. I was unreasonably excited when I found a copy there. And then I thought . . .wait a minute. This is a discount store!  But for real, to have her arrive at the discount store among some of my favorite authors feels like an honor somehow.

6. After getting to know him on American Idol, I have decided Keith Urban is cool no matter what he does. (See Nicole Kidman. See his taste in T-shirts. See country music. See Australia.)

7. I finally realized this month that every time I type Chris it comes out Christ. It’s like the Holy Spirit likes it and he wants to put a T on it. I also type Amazong for Amazon and thigs for things. So Christ bought a lot of thigs on Amazong is basically my nightmare sentence.


8. Todd Smith and I graduated from the same tiny private high school in Southfield, Michigan. He was the class of ’91 and I was the class of ’95. John and I spent an entire afternoon with Todd and Angie last week in Franklin without putting these pieces together. We figured it out later and I realize again how small the world feels when things like that happen.

9. When you have to give a talk to a group of people ranging from 5 year old girls to 65 year old grandfathers (and all the ages in between) the way to make it relevant for all of them is to tell stories and to talk about Jesus.

10. Monday is a great day to have a birthday because then you spend the whole weekend celebrating and you still have Monday to look forward to.

11. Two words that might change my life: Stitch Fix. My box is supposed to come today and I can’t wait to see what’s inside. I might hate it all. Or it might all be too expensive. Or it might just be a one time thing for me. But it’s my birthday month so I thought I’d give it a try. I’m including my referral code in this link incase you haven’t signed up yet and want to – maybe I’ll earn enough to actually keep some of the clothes they send. I’ll keep you posted.

12. It is possible for me to be consistent with a newsletter. Tomorrow will mark the 5th one I’ve sent this month! In May, I’ll start doing it once a month, but this month has been a successful experiment for me to play with length, content, and questions. I’ve enjoyed interacting with you through the newsletter, so thanks to those of you who have responded. (And of course, you can sign up here if you would like to receive the last letter of April and exclusive monthly updates starting in May).

What have you learned in April?