Here are 10 things I learned in February, in no particular order:

1. Mae Whitman (Amber from Parenthood) played Bernice in Hope Floats. She also played George Clooney’s daughter in One Fine Day. She was ALSO the little girl selling brown bird cookies who wanted to go to space camp on Friends. You’re welcome.


2. Hope Floats is a terribly sad movie, much sadder than I remember it being the first time I watched it back in 1998.

3. I’m desperately suscipicous that the high waisted mom jean is making its way back.

4. Love and faith are more closely related than I ever realized before.

5. Downton Abbey is NOT just cool accents, pretty dresses and calming music.

6. Facebook really likes it when you post photos of your dirty dishes.

7. The surprise of a warm day in the middle of winter does more for my soul than chocolate cake or money.

8. When an artist chooses to be generous, everyone wins.

9. I can, in fact, survive without sugar.

10. When people fall gracefully it makes me love them more, especially when they do it on national television.

jennifer lawrence fall

What is something you learned in February? (Clearly nothing is too insignificant to share here).