Letting Go of the Try Hard Life

Welcome WMHK listeners! I’m Emily and I’m so glad you’re here. Columbia has a sweet place in my heart – I attended middle school, high school, and college (CIU) in Columbia so I know my way around the Midlands!

I’m excited to partner with the station to bring you four weeks of encouragement as you walk with God and others.

This is the part where I make up questions I think you might have and then I answer them for you:

Who is this series for?

For the girl or the woman in any stage of life who is trying hard to live life right.

It’s for the teenage girl or the mom or the grandmother who is trying hard to please God, trying hard to look good, trying hard to keep everything together – but she just doesn’t think she can do it anymore.

In a perfect world, that wouldn’t be you. But maybe you can relate?

Below is a video of a few women sharing about their own try-hard life.

I can really identify with this try-hard life. How do I join in?

You already have! No sign ups necessary. Simply visit the WMHK website to watch a short video that pulls in the concepts from both of my books, Grace for the Good Girl and Graceful. 

  • Week 1 : Receive the truth
  • Week 2 : Remain in the truth
  • Week 3: Respond to the truth
  • Week 4: Remember the truth
I hope you’ll grab a friend, your daughters, sisters, moms or just yourself and join in with other WMHK listeners in learning what it might mean for you to begin to let go of your try-hard life in 2013.

Where can I buy the books?

If what you see in the video resonates with you, maybe you’ll want to pick up a copy of one of my two books. Buy Grace for the Good Girl (the book for women of any age) and/or Graceful: For Young Women (the book for teenagers) at any of these booksellers, both in store or online:

Barnes and Noble
Family Christian 
Christian Book Distributors

Can I read a sample before I buy?

Sure thing!

Read the first chapter of Grace for the Good Girl here.

Read the first chapter of Graceful here.

Anything else?

You can read more on my about page.

I write several times a week here at Chatting at the Sky. Or you can subscribe now for FREE to receive posts in your email inbox.

Thanks for joining me and others as we begin to uncover what it might look like to let go of the try hard life in 2013.