The Wizard of Oz(car)

When I found out John’s dad was born in 1939, the first thing I thought was, “Oh, he was born the same year The Wizard of Oz released in theaters” because I only remember the important parts of history.

wizard of ozImage from Wizard of Oz: 50th Anniversary Edition book that I own, love and cherish.

Seriously though, it’s no secret here that The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite all time movies. In the Life section of yesterday’s paper, there was a huge photo of Judy Garland as Dorothy and John saved it out just for me. I read the article in its entirety for the kids while they ate breakfast because history. I should totally homeschool.

I would be lying if I said my main motivation for watching the Oscars last night wasn’t to see how they would honor the 75th anniversary of the movie. I mean yes, star-studded audience and nominees and musical scores and Best Picture and all that. But The Wizard of Oz! When Ellen didn’t come out first thing wearing ruby slippers, I realized I might need to lower my expectations.

1 oscar tweetAnd then I saw Liza Minelli in the audience and I started to really worry. Because if they think pointing to Liza Minelli and saying Look, Judy Garland’s daughter is here! Happy Birthday, Wizard! is going to cut it for a “celebration” they may as well just shut it all down. This will not do.

After way too long into the evening, the orchestra started to play a familiar Oz tune and my heart started to pound in anticipation. And then Whoopi came out and I saw her red shoes right away and I started to nervous-twirl my hair. She gave a short tribute to the movie which I didn’t hear because I was staring at her feet. And even though she was wearing striped tights like the Wicked Witch, I forgave that poor wardrobe choice because she said this:

2 Oscar tweet

And that’s when the lights dimmed and out comes Pink wearing a ruby dress. Pink! In a ruby dress! I didn’t take any photos of my TV because I was mesmorized by all the ruby and I would share an image with you here but I’d have to swipe it from the internet and I’m afraid Getty will sue me.

You can watch the video here if you missed it. And if you have any love at all for Dorothy and the Wizard, you’ll want to because they show a montage in the background while Pink sings Over the Rainbow and you are dead inside if you aren’t moved. I thought she did a beautiful job even though she made some strange breath choices during the song and she could have used a cami under that lovely dress, but that didn’t stop me from tearing up and loving every minute of it. And when Ellen came out dressed as Glinda after the commercial break, well. It was a drop the mic moment for me.

Thank you for this Vine, People Magazine.

Obviously this Oscar re-cap is not complete, as I bascially haven’t mentioned any of the movies that were nominated (or made in the last 74 years for that matter) or any of the beautiful red carpet people like Lupita (fierce Tinkerbell) or Jennifer Lawrence (beautiful awkward genius).

This concludes my Oz indulgence. I will return to our typical soul-breathing posts in a few days. Meanwhile, (which I always used to think was meanwild) if you want to read a legit Oscar recap, might I suggest this post from Kendra Adachi? Because it’s fantastic.

Did you watch the Oscars? What did you think of Pink?! I mean, the Oscars?


  1. says

    I was hoping you would do a little Oscars recap! Or Ozcars recap. Whatevs. I love it either way.

    And Pink was dreamy. She looked gorgeous, exuded class, and sounded positively incredible.

    {On a side Pink note that has absolutely nothing to do with Oz: Did you know her brother is a pilot for the Air Force’s Thunderbirds? I guess all her usual show acrobatics run in the family. Heh. }

  2. says

    I am fan of the movie. When my husband and I come home after a road trip, I always enter the front door saying, “There’s no place like home, Toto.”

    My sister in law is actually scared of this movie. Apparently, she saw the original black and white version, and it freaked her out. The mere mention of the Wizard of Oz in her presence sends her over the edge. — Whenever we come across Oz Memorabilia in the mall, I like to joke about buying it for her for Christmas. Then, I let out my wicked witch laugh. :)

  3. says

    I too LOVE the movie. I was delighted with the montage of shots from the movie and it made me excited to share it with my children once they are old enough.
    Thought they did a great job with the Oscars last night…and I laughed when Ellen managed to shut down twitter for a moment!

  4. Lauren says

    1939 was a great year in film (some historians consider it the greatest year actually). I’d also recommend Gone with the Wind and The Women. I was waiting for this tribute too and as soon as I saw Pink I got worried that she would try to make “Over the Rainbow” her own and not sing it the way it was written (a lot of people do today) but I thought she did a fine job :-)

  5. says

    Pink WAS incredible, I agree. Stunning and amazing. And I’m thinking her hair would be so lovely long. But maybe that would complicate her acrobatic performances. I loved a tweet I saw about what is even more amazing, is she probably could have sounded like that doing acrobatics upside down. The Wizard of Oz is timeless, and I loved the tribute!

  6. says

    I love that Pink is the “it” girl to sing “Over the Rainbow”, not Mariah Carey…Freakin’ Awesome Pink! Love her. So. Much.

  7. says

    I decided against the lengthy tribute to Hollywood, but didn’t give a thought to the anniversary of the Wizard of Oz. Pink’s gown, though it flowed beautifully, is one of the reasons I avoid Hollywood gatherings. Modesty is not Hollywoods finest qualities.
    Apparently Pink never learn when to breath in her music lessons…but she has a lovely voice.
    Thanks Emily!

  8. says

    Love your recap:) And totally love your enthusiasm for The Wizard of Oz. Pink, the dress, crazy Liza with her wacky blue streak–awesome.

  9. says

    Generally I do not like Pink- she is a little punk for me, but man, she can SING. Like well. I still know her music is a little bit too much punk for me but wow, she did great.

  10. says

    Pink belted it out! When I think “Wizard of Oz”, she would not be the first singer to pop in my mind and she nailed it. So well done.
    I do wish they had done more than just the music. Like, maybe behind-the-scenes or something?

  11. Janet says

    The Wizard Of Oz is my daughter’s favorite movie. They are having a play at the Westchester Dinner Theater and I thought it would be fun to take in a show. I truly want to surprise her!!

    I did not watch the Oscars. Not my cup of tea.

  12. says

    the wizard of oz is my favorite movie. of.all.time. pink, my least favorite singer. of.all.time.
    but after last night! homegirl is up on my list! she did such a beautiful job! i was also getting giddy because they started playing wizard of oz songs before a couple commercial breaks before whoopi came out. so good.
    all of it.

    oh. and obviously the best selfie to ever hit the internet.

  13. says

    another oz lover here and Pink!! so splendid!!
    did you notice she and Brad Pitt were sporting the same hairstyle. 😉
    Pink totally won!

    and i just read something the other day that said when she performs live she likes to breathe extra heavy so that the audience knows she’s not lip syncing! could be the funny breathing thing you were hearing~

    still oscar struck. one of the best ever. ellen ordering pizza – LOVED!!!!
    the pizza guy though! can you imagine.

  14. says

    Emily, I, too, was taken by that “Over the Rainbow” moment at the Oscars and blogged about it above. From Whoopi’s eccentrically cunning introduction to the last throaty tone that Pink expelled, it was an entrancing experience. You are a very clever writer!

  15. says

    I think you need more of this. This is fab. And please write a post soon about all the words you/we used to think were something they are/were not. You can start with meanwild and build from there. And ask your readers to comment on their own, ugh, I always thought it was blank….words.
    I used to think cummerbund was cumberbun and that’s not the worst of it. Fun here today received and so I say my thank you’s for the gift.

  16. says

    I loved the Pink performance and her ruby slipper dress! When I was a little girl, we kids used to get our jammies on and lay in the floor eating popcorn, watching the Wizard of Oz. It’s one of the few happy family times we had. Precious memories for me. I spent hours in my room singing Over the Rainbow. Great post!

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