why the p?

One day, I decided to write a book. So I did and then, someone decided to publish it. (Don’t you love how easy that all sounds? Carry on). So we had this book and I realized how wonderful it was that I married a man who had the last name Freeman. Because isn’t that nice? Freeman? And my book is all about living free. How great, right?

As it turns out, I’m not the first Emily Freeman who decided to write a book that someone decided to publish. In fact, the first Emily Freeman has a lot of books. I have one book. And so, it was decided that in order to differenciate between her lot-of-books and my one book, I would need to include my middle initial on my book. The p was born.

Rewind twenty years to the bedroom my sister and I shared together. We had lots of pet peeves like walking barefooted on wood and burping in public and using spoons. We dislike spoons. Have I not mentioned that here before? No?

Well, you see, when you use a spoon on something for which a spoon was not meant, there leaves behind a thin trail of … film. Yes, film. (insert barf noise).

Like, for example, when you order a cake-type item at a restaurant. They clear the table of all dinner-type things (goodbye, my lovely fork!) and bring out the dreaded spoon. And you take your first cake-bite and behold and lo, there is film on your spoon.

Now before you get all hyper in the comments, yes we use spoons for cereal and soup. And also ice cream, although if we could manage it, we would use a fork for that too.

Anyhow, there are silly things that Β still are used to beΒ peevish to us, and one of them is spoons. Another? Words that begin with the letter P. You know the ones: pimple, peruse, perforated, perfunctory, other words that I’m not sure I want to say on my blog, purse, pregnant, period. You get the idea. Still, I don’t mind my middle name but it does begin with a P. And that is somewhat unfortunate, but that is why there’s a P on my book.

If you can guess what the P stands for, I’ll totally send you a book. With a P on it. Because it’s all I’ve got to give is why. Or if you’ve got a super strange and quirky thing like a dislike of spoons, I want to hear about that too, because that’s just fun.

The photos are from the book party my mom and sister hosted for me, for friends, the book (and the P) this weekend at her house. Visit her place to see more! I’ve also posted them all to Facebook.

Update :: Thanks for playing! The winners have been announced. But I’d still love to hear about those pet peeves because those? Are hilarious.


  1. Sherry Williams says

    hmmm…do i get only one guess? patricia. penny. penelope. pricilla. for some reason these are the only p names my 3 kids and i could guess?
    i love the cover of you book…esp. with the p. it’s lovely. i hope to read it soon. :) congrats on this amazing dream come true.

  2. says

    My least favorite word – I can barely even type it – is panty. :shiver:

    I am going to guess that the P stands for Priscilla :)

    And – I just got finished looking at the FB pics – the party was so fabulous!! I wish NC was right next door to Florida.


  3. says

    Patience? I doubt I’m right, but if I am, you don’t need to send me a book because I’ve already got one. My husband keeps making fun of me because I like to stick my nose right in it and smell the new-book smell over and over again. :) I loved your post today, and your pictures made me really wish that I lived closer by so I could have come to the party.

  4. Andrea says

    I’m going to guess Parker for your middle name. It sounds good with Emily and I’m going to say that it is your grandmother’s maiden name. (Like that little story I made up to go along with it?)

  5. Deanna says

    I’m guessing Pearl. This is my mother’s middle name. She HATES it. I don’t think it’s because of the “P”, but because a relative paid my grandma’ $50 to use it as her middle name. I have your book and can’t wait to read it! Unfortunately, I haven’t started it because I seem to be a little short on time at the moment. Don’t suppose you know anywhere I can buy some extra time?!

  6. Marsha says

    The party decorations are so beautiful – I’m in awe of it all. I’m going to guess Patricia as well. No reason just thought it sounded nice with Emily πŸ˜‰

  7. says

    Is it Pamela?

    I hope so…! Because I really want to read your book. :) And Pamela is my beautiful mother-in-law’s name…and my beautiful aunt’s name…it’s just a good name, in spite of the fact it starts with P. :)


      • says

        Yep. Exactly. I’m an insecure basket case. πŸ˜‰ Not really. Well maybe a little.
        Your sister is a sweetheart (as are you) and I promised her I would come next time. Another book release party? A yard sale? Whatever it is if I’m able I’m going to be there.

  8. Renee says

    Piper! (that is my daughter’s name)

    I hate pointy french fries! I only eat the ones that have square ends…………..and that is just ONE of my weird things. I also have issues with spoon film, especially if you are sharing a spoon! UGH!!!!!

    • says

      oh NEVER share a spoon. Are you kidding me? Do you even have to say that?! And the pointy french fries – you are killing me. That’s so awesome.

    • says

      Oh my goodness!!!! I thought I was the only one with pointy french fry issues! I will pick through my kids’ fries and pull out all the square-ended ones and give them my pointy ones!

      I will occasionally make an exception for 5 Guys fries.

  9. says

    Paige! And….I hate sitting on toilets…I clorox even my own, and for the first three years of our marriage I made my husband use a different one! Public bathrooms are horrible places :) I have the book on my kindle…but I would give it away if I won!

  10. Holly says

    Okay, it’s gotta be… Patricia. And I can’t stand anything paper in the freezer. (Grocery bags, flour sacks, cardboard…) Freaks me out! Ugh…

  11. mary needham says

    How about Patricia? That’s my middle name and I dropped it when I got married and use my maiden name instead – that southern way of doing it. Plus, I need a book. I have been 2 places and they were sold out. Guess I need to hit up Barnes and Noble.

    • says

      Well, I am in the South but I decided to keep my middle name rather than my last name. I felt more attached to my middle name – and I’ll go ahead and put this out there : It isn’t Patricia πŸ˜‰

    • says

      and one more thing – the Barnes and Noble in Greensboro is sold out too – sold them all at the book signing on Thursday. But they ordered more and should be in soon!

  12. Sharon O says

    To be silly and different, how about Patriotic … that wouldn’t really be a middle name of a child would it? I am not fond of potlucks. If I don’t know the kitchen or the person why would I want to eat their food and trust how they made it?
    Just a strange dislike of mine.

    • Kris says

      I’m so with you on this one! Maybe they let their cat walk on the kitchen counters, maybe they don’t wash their hands before they cook… I just can’t bring myself to do it.

  13. Emily says

    I can’t wait to read this book! Downloading to my Kindle today… UNLESS I decide to buy the actual book version… so I can smell it. haha… but Kindle would be instant….. hmmm… decisions. Being a fellow Emily, I thought about what I would want my middle name to be if it started with a p… (it doesn’t, J) and decided on Priscilla. Hope that is yours! Emily Priscilla sounds much better than Emily Janice (shudder… )!

  14. molly says

    I dont have a middle name. Noone believes me, but if I did it would be Lucille because that is MawMaws middle name and my mom, her sister, her daughter, and I all call each other Lucille because none of us have middle names.

    Also, I am going to guess Paris. Sounds exotic right?

    Also, my husband does eat soup, cereal, and ice cream with a fork. He has never vocalized a dislike for spoons, only that he prefers forks. Now I can’t say he is weird if ya’ll do it too!

  15. Jenn M says

    I’ll try something different…Phyllis? And I hate when people crack their knuckles….oh and ceiling fans spinning in the middle of the night…pretty sure it’s going to fall off and decapitate me (yes, this brings loads of enjoyment for my family to tease me about!).

  16. says


    I don’t much like p words either. Especially P paired with the long e — as in, well, you know, the male anatomy. I pronounced that word pennis (as in tennis) for a good number of years. Yes, intentionally.

    I also despise the word panty. Largely because when I wrote obituaries, I once wrote the typo: “Donations may be made to the Open Panty.” Instead of Pantry. And yes, it printed. The funeral director called the editor. I got called into his office. It was very ugly. So P words give me much pause.

    • says

      OK, by now…..this last reply…….I am rolling around the house laughing so hard at the pet peeves!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can barely take it! Michelle that is so hilariously awful!!!!!!!!

  17. Jenni Dallmann says

    I am going to guess Pauline…it was my great-grandmother’s name and the first thing that came to mind when you said to guess your middle name!

  18. says

    you are the cutest ever!

    Ok – my blog about GFTGG goes up TOMORROW! Of course with a giveaway – with all the craziness w/stuff last week I didn’t want anything to overshadow your review. So it goes up tomorrow.

    In other news… I eat ice cream with a fork. Yes indeedy I do :)

  19. Kathleen in SC says

    Paige? I have no quirks about spoons- I just can’t stand it when silverware bangs against each other. =) Congrats on the book.

  20. Peggy says

    I’ll just take a crazy stab and say Peggy because that’s my nickname, short for Margaret. It could work because if your middle name was Margaret, “Emily M.” would be a little much. So would “Emily Peggy”. But Emily P. works beautifully. : )
    Congratulations on your book!

  21. says

    I was going to guess Pauline as well! Parker?

    I love reading about eating/food quirks- if I’m eating a triangular shaped chip like Doritos, I have to hold it by the small end and eat the widest part first.
    And I hear you on the spoon film- I CAN NOT lick a spoon clean. If I see someone eating ice cream, yogurt whatever and they keep licking the spoon including the back to get it clean I gag.

  22. says

    I’m gonna guess Pearl too. I know someone else guessed it but I’m going for it too. One of my biggest pet peaves is when people floss anywhere other than the bathroom. My grandfather used to floss while tucking us in at his cabin in the summer and I always kinda ducked in my covers aftraid of what would land on me, and just last week my friends husband was flossing during worship at church! I was completely distracted and missed the entire first song.

  23. Patty says

    I’m going to guess Pierce which is the precious middle name of cute college freshman who was in the senior small group that I was lucky enough to be the leader of 2 years ago. We were a group of struggling good girls. I would have loved to have read this book with them. Maybe we’ll do a distance book club! :)

    (Can I also guess Patricia since that is my very formal first name as well? I’d just kick myself if it were my own name, and I didn’t even guess it.)

  24. says

    First of all, the pictures are beautiful! And I love the “P” on the book too. My guess for your middle name is Penelope. I think Emily Penelope just flows. :) I must say that I have never had an aversion to spoons, but now that you mention the film – eeewww. I may just have to steer clear of spoons from now on. I don’t eat cereal anyway and I shouldn’t eat ice cream.

  25. says

    Ha! You crack me up. Speaking of Freeman… you know that’s my mothers maiden name, and my Grandparents name. Hmm we could be related :) LOL. Great photo’s by the way. We had a blast and it was very encouraging to be able to chat with you.

  26. says

    You crack me up with the p words and the spoon film. I’ve never thought of spoon film before, but you can bet I’ll be looking closely the next time I use a spoon. It is kinda grossing me out just thinking about it. I have a few quirks of my own – the biggest one involves styrofoam.

    And my what a shindig they threw for you. I looked at all the pictures. Such beautiful fun!

  27. Becky J says

    :) Thank you for the giggles today…I always wanted a sister, and listening to your funny little shared “p” perturbances makes me smile and wish all the more for one- sigh- ….so, I am guessing Emily Pauline? I jumped over to see all the pics-beautiful…what a lovely memory for you all! Have a perfectly, peaceful, pleasing day Emily P.
    Blessings, Becky J.

  28. says

    I’m not a fan of when people call me “friend.” Not like, “you’re a good friend,” but when they say it instead of my name…”thanks, friend,” “hey friend.” Not.a.fan. I have a name. they know it. Let’s all use it!

    • Lilly says

      I hate “dear,” as in “thanks for bringing this over, dear.” Only old ladies can get away with it. To me, it just sounds condescending.

      I have the opposite peeve: hate to eat dessert with a fork (though the whole film thing is making me rething this. Thanks a lot!).

      About the P, could it be Persephone? Prentiss?

  29. says

    You make me laugh! I can’t wait to read your book, “p” or no “p”. Let’s see, if I were to guess your middle name, it would be Precious, Paige or Priscilla!

  30. says

    My guess is Penelope! Only because I secretly love that name because you can shorten it to Penny, which I think is so sweet!! But sadly, my husband would never go for it. :(

    We named our little girl Emily Ann – which, it turns out, is what half of the rest of the world named their little girl. But it’s special to us being that it’s after both of our moms, so take THAT, rest of the world!

    And I hate the word moist. BLECH. Makes me wanna puke just typing it out!

  31. says

    Pauline, I bet. :)

    And, my quirky dislike probably isn’t really quirky…but I can’t stand dripping on my head–I mean, who does?! When the rain falls and there’s dripping off the roof…ugh! And…I can’t stand wet socks, like even a little. When my sock covered foot steps in a bit of water, like from snow falling off of a boot inside…ugh! Totally annoying!

  32. says

    I loved sitting here reading all of the comments! Shed a happy tear or two giggling on the couch with sesame street playing in the background. I cannot begin to guess since so many names have already been shouted out distracting me. (I shouldve guessed first then read the comments! Duh!) This party is beautiful and wish I couldve been there.Florida is quite a drive tho! I cant even type about the thing that grosses me out- so howabout something I LOOOOVE- The smell of a new box of crayons.

  33. Lisa Blakesley says

    Spoon pet peeve…everyone using the same spoon to stir their coffee and laying it on the counter in a puddle! Or, heaven forbid, licking it off and laying it down for the next person! Gag!!

    I have wanted your book since it came out, but the budget doesn’t allow it right now. So I’m racking my frazzled brain for your middle name. (Hey does the rhyme help?? Hee, hee!) First I thought Paige with the other 100 people. Now I feel I must come up with something unique.

    Patrice? Phyllis? Phoebe?

    Adore your Blog!

  34. says

    Gosh I can’t think of a “p” name that hasn’t already been suggested, except Pansy and I really don’t think any parent should name a daughter or son Pansy. Not that the flower isn’t lovely, but the negative association with the word. Not good.

  35. says

    Just how southern are you? Pollyanna perhaps? Primrose? Portia? Course you could have a car-lovin dad who might’ve picked Porsche? Or a Disney-lovin or astronaut mom who picked Pluto? πŸ˜‰ Anyone in your family like Elvis? As in Presley…? All the obvious ones were picked already, so I’m reaching, I know…

  36. says

    Ooh, I love hearing and talking about what everybody’s pet peeve type things are. That’s funny about the spoon thing. I don’t chew gum in public (looks trashy), it drives me nuts when the car keys aren’t immediately placed in the “car key place” when we get home because that way you never have to look for them, and don’t read my magazine before I’ve had a chance to read it. I was going to vote for Pearl but that’s already been picked. Can’t wait to read your book!

  37. says

    I love your spoon pet peeve. I hate teeth on forks. Like when you take a bite and scrape your teeth along the fork to remove the food. Ouch!

    I’m going to guess the “P” middlename (BTW, HATE the words pewter and pantyhose!) stands for Phoebe.

    Can’t wait to read your book, congratulations!

  38. says

    I bought your book! I’m done reading it, but I’m going to go back now and re-read it because I was so excited when I first got it that I read it in two days. =D I have strange pet peeves, too. I can’t stand it when people chew gum, and have been known to leave the room because of it. Or switch pews in church. I’m a freak of nature!

  39. says

    I can’t stand spoons either, except when I eat soup or yogurt. Because the only thing worse than eating with a spoon is seeing someone drink soup, and dare I say it- yogurt. I am forever traumatized by seeing someone drink a pack of yogurt.


  40. says

    My guess is Paige. : )

    And my “super strange and quirky thing” is wearing socks to bed. Even in the summer, and even when it’s hot. I don’t like the way sheets feel on my feet. Yes, I know, it’s strange.

    Loved this post, and the lovely photos, but I must admit — I’ve never thought of spoon film before. πŸ˜‰

  41. Holly says

    I think I might go with Pamela. . .I was originally thinking Penelope, as it just has a sing-song sound. . .can you tell I am indecisive? Or maybe not. . . :)

  42. says

    Oh, I forgot to mention this, and it’s a little bit related to the topic of discussion today — I LOVE to say words like schlep, Shreveport, schmooze, schmuck, and schnitzel. LOL! They’re just fun to say. πŸ˜€

  43. Danielle M. says

    Pamela! Ok, I totally don’t think it will be Pamela, and I heart the Paige idea from above, but I have a friend named Pamela, so I’m morally bound to let that be my first guess.

    Given the fact that Nester has said she has a ridiculously hard name to say, I think you’re toying with all of us. That’s not a very “good girl” thing to do. Bahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Well done.

      • Danielle M. says

        Lol! Oh, I didn’t think it was made-up. By messing with us, I meant I figure it will be something ridiculously hard to figure out, like whatever Nester’s real name must be. I wonder if it’s Precipice. Or Persipone. :) This was a most excellent idea, btw. Hope you’re having a blast with all the responses.

        Also, I was very sad to not be able to make it to the nest. I have a girlfriend up here (Su, from the Intentional Home), who I was hoping to bring with me, but both of us ended up having life stuff in Raleigh that kept us here. Looks like a decadent time. YAY! :)

  44. says

    I am with the bulk of everyone else and guessing Patricia… but i already have my book so it’s all good. :)

    I do have an odd silverware issue. forks where the prongs aren’t even. that literally triggers my gag reflex. Also any silverware that tastes like metal makes me all out sick…

    And then there are pennies. Such a sweet name, but wow. i can not even hold them because they make my hand smell and the smell of pennies makes me all kinda sick. my mouth goes gaggy and dry, goosebumps cover my body and I cringe extremely…

    which sort of fits what you are saying as penny begins with P. And frankly, I’ll shut up now because all this penny talk is making me a little queasy.

  45. says

    My guesses: Precious, Promise, Parisa (or Prentiss?)
    Also three p words that shouldn’t make you want to cringe…
    Personally, I prefer a plentiful palette of prose, precluding no particular alphabetic particle….perhaps your profuse phobic(?) personality peculiarity is without promise.

    Okay – but seriously I hate spoons too. And I cannot eat/drink with my children….off the same plate, out of the same cup, spoon and forks alike. AND that also means that SPORKS are filmy as well. Precisely – yes, yes they are.

  46. says

    I hate it when people leave the stickers on their camera, computer, washer and dryer. You know, like the one that tells how many megabits and shows off all that your appliance has to offer–PEEL them off people! Look down right now…is there a sticker on your computer? PEEL it.

    It’s all I can do on vacation to hold back from asking people if I can peel the info stickers off their cameras. UGH.

    • says

      Ha! At my son’s baseball game the other day there was a little boy with a huge sticker on the front of his batting helmet- it took everything in me not to go peel it off!

    • chelsea koanui says

      I work at a coffee shop and we sell those plastic tumbler cups. They come with a BPA FREE sticker and most people don’t peel them off! WHen they bring it back in for water or tea refills, I casually take them off…I got yelled at for it by only one customer who apparently WANTED the BPA FREE sticker…

    • says

      But I’m scared to peel the stickers off because what if they aren’t stickers after all but permanent stuck things and I won’t be able to get them off completely (and leave behind pet-peeve inducing sticker goo) or even WORSE I have to leave behind a stuck non-sticker thing with a curled up corner because I decided after starting that I was supposed to leave it there forever and ever in the first place????? That would totally be even worse. (Don’t even ask me how I know.) (Just trust me. I do.) But if you want to peel them off for me, I would trust you.

      As for the name, I totally love PEACE – but I don’t think that’s it. So instead I’ll guess Emily Paige. Because I like it. : )

      • says

        And I’m also especially annoyed by people who leave stickers on things like plastic containers and garbage cans, etc. Cuz I KNOW those aren’t supposed to be there forever. It’s just my laptop stickers that scare me. : )

  47. says

    Emily Patricia…Emily Pricilla…I’ll go with Patricia.

    I have done the same thing with my book, Diane Woodman Bailey. I put my maiden name there, I don’t know why, it was an insparation of the moment. By the time I did my blog page I just put W.

    “W” the Woman! I like it!

  48. April says

    love this. I’d say Patricia. Can’t wait to get my pretty little hands on that grace book! I can’t stop thinking of “p” words now!

  49. says

    That’s so funny that now you have a middle initial on your book cover! I was just reading about how the actress we know as Elizabeth Banks wasn’t really named Elizabeth Banks–she had to use a made-up surname because her real name was already taken. But I know who Elizabeth Banks is, and I’d never heard of the other actress that she had to change her name for. Funny.

    All right, for a good girl like you, I’m guessing Priscilla. But this post reminds me a little of Rumpelstiltsken!

  50. Kendra says

    I hate newsprint hands. And dog-eared book pages. And people who ride bikes on the road. I don’t hate them; I’m just afraid they’re going to hit a rock and fall down in front of my car. Super big fear.

  51. Jenifer M says

    I think P is for Patricia. My 8 year old daughter has a double middle name, both starting with P’s!
    Patricia(who is my Mom)- Pearl(who would be my daughters Great Grandma on my hubby’s side).

  52. says

    I actually went through a phase of only using plastic silverware when i was younger because the clanking of the silverware made me sick, just totally grossed me out to hear it and even think of a fork scraping on my teeth or the other silverware… totally random and weird , but oh, so true. : )
    i’m gonna go with patricia…paige..pat…peggy…paula…pamela….? priscilla?

  53. says

    My best guess would be P for Patricia. =)
    & a few odds & ends about me:
    I dislike touching ice, popsicles or anything else dry & cold.
    I dislike making eye contact w/someone & because I HAVE to say hello or good morning or nod in friendly acknowledgment, I dislike it when they look away as if to pretend the eye contact never happened aaannnddd I HAVE to eat my hamburgers upside.

  54. says

    The photos were amazing – I wish I didn’t live so far away I would have been there for sure. You and your sister are amazing. Our Lifeway Christian bookstore sold out too. Way to go Emily!

  55. tera says

    Do we get more than one guess? :) Phebe or Phoebe, Prudence, Pearl

    Pet peeves are so funny and yet can be so frustrating all at the same time! πŸ˜‰
    As far as my pet peeves…oh my…my mind went completely blank trying to think of some to share. They will probably all come back to mind at midnight….hmm….

    Hair on bar soap…ick! :/

  56. says

    It has already been guessed, but my guess is Phillippa.

    I have just come across your site and am so excited I found it! I love it! I can’t wait to go back and read some more :)

  57. says

    oh, the photos are lovely and i would have loved to have made the trip… even googled the directions. but then there was soccer, and lonely husband, and photos to edit and children to feed…. *sigh*.

    i have a spoon thing, too… don’t mind them, but it must be a small, tea-spoon for ice cream and cereal; larger table spoon for soup. it’s the only way to go. just sayin’. and i have an icky thing about toe (GAG!) nails. (ACK!) :)


  58. says

    i am so bummed that i missed this Party! and missed seeing you and the love that was all around the house that day for you and your book! guess i’ll have to wait to relevant to have my copy signed.

    so, here’s my guess: Paisley.

  59. Joanna says

    I was going to guess Paige, but lots of people have already guessed that. So I’m going to go with Paden, Payton, Patrice, Payne or Preston.

    And don’t get me started on “p” words. Panties is one of the worst words in the English language. But perhaps the worst “p” word of all is… puss. Gag. I almost couldn’t type it. My college friends used to torture me with strings of “p” words. Sent me curling up into the fetal position. I also have to agree with the commenter who can’t stand the word moist. I despise that one too.

    • Joy Manoleros says

      What’s wrong with panties?! Such a fun word! And puss is just gross because of what it is… whether it’s oozing from a wound or pasted to an old woman’s face (even worse, a young woman’s face!) Unless it’s a wee kitten purring in your hand. πŸ˜€

  60. says

    Okay, the only thing I can think of off the top of my head is putting your hand in a bag of chips> AHHHH….yuck! It’s like nails on chalkboard to me….it just feels gross. My guess was Penelope (Penny). Can’t wait to read you book!

  61. says

    My guess is Philomena….I have no grand logic to support this guess, but I don’t think anyone has picked it yet. And also, the name means “powerful love,” which would be a great name to have. :)

    Can’t wait to read your book!

  62. erin says

    Peony? Pansy? Petunia? Posy? Poppy? Primrose? Just thinking maybe your mum owned a flower shop :)
    …and I do so hope I win your book…I entered Flower Patch Farmgirl’s giveaway, but alas, no luck :(

  63. trinityt says

    Well, your middle name after you are married is usually your maiden name. So, maybe it’s Phillips or Procter, I dunno.
    I LOVE spoons, if it were up to me, I would only have bowls and spoons.

  64. Joy Manoleros says

    Patricia, because it sounds classic, like Emily.
    Paulette because it might have been a great way for your mama to rebel a wee bit πŸ˜‰

    I’m loving this book – I’d love to have a copy to give to a friend. I’m a very fast reader, but I confess I need to digest this nugget. It is speaking straight to my heart in this season.

    Your party looks delightful! I really wish it had been a weekend I could have come. >sigh<

  65. says

    What a wonderful post! How can I NOT comment? I was very tempted to try to find this out on the internet – but won’t because wouldn’t that be cheating (and a bit stalkerish?) My first thought is Paige – but since there’s no “You’re the winner!!” comment with all of those posts I’m going to assume it’s not. Pam or Paula have already been guessed as well, but that would be my guess and I’ve already spent way too much time reading all of the comments and trying to narrow it down!! lol :)

  66. says

    My first guess is Paige. Second guess would be Porter. Don’t know why, but it just came to me. As in…maybe it’s a family name and your mom wanted to use it ??? :) I understand the spoon thing. I totally get it. I don’t like my food to touch on the plate. And, i won’t eat any type of casorole dish unless I know each thing that’s in it first. Not gonna just walk up and slap something on my plate that’s a whole lot of stuff mixed together and I have no idea what it is. ….is that weird? πŸ˜‰

  67. says

    Okay… I am guessing just plain… Patti/Pattie/or Patty :-) (not Patricia)
    And yes that it my first name and I might add, it is NOT Patricia… my birth certificate says “Patti”.
    Actually my guess is pretty lame because who would name their daughter with two “Y” ending names… hhmm?
    Oh well… What about “Payton” or “Phyllis”?

    Your spoon issue totally makes sense to me! I am a bit of a germaphobe. I would not even share drinks, utensils or any food that is typically eaten with a spoon, even as a child (and still don’t). One of my biggest pet peeves is that North Carolina does not have seat protectors in their public restrooms!!!!! I live in CA but my Mom and brother live in the Research Triangle area and it shocks and disgusts me each time I visit them! I am forced to use toilet paper just like the good girl that my mom taught be to be (before the invention of seat protectors).

    Can’t wait to find out what the p stands for!

  68. says

    Oh my….this is hard. If Nester’s name is so daunting for her to use…well. I’m guessing your mom was a bit creative. And as I can’t think of any really creative ‘P’ names…here goes: Phoebe – it fits you well in my humble opinion. (And I think it’s also the name of a bird. And there is a goldfinch outside a cage on your book cover.)

    Regarding silverware. I am a silverware girl. I do not like to use my fingers to eat my food. Even fried chicken. My favorite food is strawberry shortcake….upon which I like to splash milk or cream. And yet, my utensil of choice is always a dessert fork. I never thought of the smear left behind on the spoon. But. Spoons are reserved for soup and cereal….and then soup spoons…not dessert spoons. And ice cream…yes…a dessert spoon is preferred. I guess I’m just silly. I like being silly about silverware.

  69. says

    My sister Peggie would vote for Peggie, or maybe Peggy. That would be my perfunctory response. If I were being pernicious I might guess Pooh. Prudence or Patience might be problematic. Being phlegmatic I would simply say Pat, if I were inclined toward participles Pat would still work, as would Pet, but being parsimonious I will settle for Penny.

  70. says

    I do not share drinks or eating utensils, not even with my children. Especially not with my children. Also, I hate public toilets that flush themselves if you so much as twitch your left cheek. Scares the living daylights out of me every time.

  71. says

    First of all, things I’m weird about include ripping apart dry cottonballs.

    Middle name. Let’s see. I would have guessed some that have already been guessed. But a new one? I’ll have to go with Palma. I think I would have guessed Patrice or Paige if someone hadn’t beat me to it.

  72. says

    Is it Petunia? Because if it was it would be completely awesome. I think, though, that Paige goes better with Emily. Also, I always eat ice cream with a fork unless it’s in a cone. I also eat soup with a fork. I don’t know why. My family knows better than to even bring me a spoon because I’ll send it back.

  73. says

    well that was fun…i have laughed through this entire list. anyway…you know my biggest one…grit in the bed!!! and not rinsing soap all the way off. and i love everyone’s guesses…and i do like your little hints.

  74. Mary says

    Well I can’t think of any that haven’t already been guessed or ruled out, but wanted to say that I have had fun looking over the pet peeves.
    Toilet seat left up, hearing people chew or swallow, bridges give me the creepy crawlies, and my blankets in bed have to “feel” just right, can’t have too much blanket in one spot, and tucked in sheets, can’t stand to have my legs/feet all tight under tucked in sheets and blankets.
    What a great blog, thanks for sharing!!

  75. says

    I’m pretty sure all the “P” names have been guessed, so I won’t even go there. I just had to smile because my odd, quirky thing is that I notice details. Like the detail I noticed on the bird picture on your post above were the words, “back to the drag queen.” That just made me laugh. What book did your sister use to cut out that bird, I’d like to know! :)

  76. says

    I’m going to guess Pauline, though I feel like I’m missing some obvious choice that’s hanging out there.

    When I was younger, I had a tiny compulsion to know everyone’s middle name. I considered myself a middle name collector. You can imagine the frustration not knowing your sister’s first name would cause a neurotic name collector like myself!

  77. says

    i had no idea about the spoons. makes my dislike of lids seem almost normal. :)
    so glad the mystery of the p will soon be revealed.
    it has to be a one syllable word. pye?
    emily pye sounds so cute.

  78. says

    Ok…so I have issues with words that end in “oist”. Like moist, cloist, oyster (yes it’s spelled different, but same sound). I think I just threw up a little in my mouth by typing it. As for middle names….I don’t really have guesses, but I don’t like mine. It’s just plain old Ann….and it’s incomplete. There is no “e” at the end. Yes, I know that makes me very “Anne-of-Green-Gableish”. But, Emily Ann does have a very nice southern ring to it, and being from the south and very proud of the south….I guess it will do. Now…I have a guess….the “P” stands for peaches! Emily Peaches Freeman! I love it! I had a cat named Peaches….and she was the best! Just like you! Ok….enough rambling. I’ve had little adult conversation today….

    PS….come to do a book tour/signing in Atlanta! I will totally get all my girlfriends (2 of them) to come and meet you! Pretty pretty please! (more P words….sorry)

  79. says

    Parker? Presley? :)

    If I happened to be right, you would not have to enter me to win your book. I already own and am SO LOVING your book. Awesome truths to be found like Jesus does not have bullet points and I need to keep tabs on my brain screensaver and re-collecting the gifts that are already mine. Loving it. (I don’t know that my good girl loves it, though. She’s getting nervous. I may start doing wild and crazy free in Jesus kinda things.) πŸ˜‰

    These comments are all so fabulous. They make me laugh. I have issues with sporks. You know those spoon fork thingies. Unnatural. I cannot eat with them.

    Thanks for putting your heart out there in your book. My heart THANKS you. :)

  80. says

    Petunia or Peony. I’m offering up you could be a flower. I was going to say Paula because that’s my sister’s name, but then, my heavens, people were all over that. So instead I’m giving you the opportunity to be a plant of sweet and subtle grace. :)

  81. says

    This is one of the funniest blog posts I’ve read! I love hearing stories of you and your sister’s quirks! Y’all must be a stitch to know in real life.

    I don’t dislike spoons, although I do dislke them being used at the wrong time, not because of the film, but because it’s just weird. I also dislike when people use their teeth to get food off of their spoon instead of their lips.

    As for your middle name, I will guess Prudence. Are we allowed more than one guess to increase our chances of guessing correctly and getting a book? If so…. Polly, Portia, Priscilla, Paige, Persephone, Prudence, Patsy, Paula, Piper, Perpetua, Pearl, Penelope.

    Is this going to be a name like Nester’s and we’re never going to guess it and trying is futile? You wouldn’t do that to us, right?!

  82. says

    I’d guess Penelope.

    Because that’s much more cheery than Prudence.

    I do love this post, brought to readers today by the letter “P.” The photos and perfunctory text flow quite well. :)

  83. Lisa says

    Patterson….Patty….Porter…..If your from the south your middle name was your last name, or someone’s last name at one time. I’m going to keep thinking on this!

  84. says

    Emily Paige Freeman???

    love the pictures….

    my vote is for you to do a book signing in Atlanta!!!!

    I’ll bring a bus load of people, I promise!!!

  85. says

    Hmmm…so that’s why I enjoyed eating my ice cream with a fork last night! πŸ˜‰

    I have no clue on the name! …Pamela

    Can’t wait to read your book!!! Shannan made me realize how much I NEED it! πŸ˜‰

  86. Corinne says

    Most definitely it is Paige which is entirely appropriate now that you are a published author. Perhaps your mother had a hunch!

  87. says

    I am going to guess and share some things that drive me batty because I never win anything and I am looking at this like I may just win a book! I am going to guess Phoebe, why cause it starts with P and I don’t know if anyone else has guessed it.

    Now on to my drives me insane. First a few words, pocket book – I mean really who says pocket book. Doodle- Can not stand the word and God sure is trying to teach me lesson because a wonderful family friend calls my son her little Doodle and I just cringe but am trying to learn that it is jut a word and she means it sooooo lovingly.

    As far as weird things like your spoon issue. I hate walking on fresh snow, that sound that it makes and that feeling of it crunching below your feet, oh I am shuttering as I type this. Funny thing is I am currently praying and working on my husband to move north but I did warn him he will have to step first! Another is I hate a warm toilet seat, come one you soooo know you do too! It is horrible to go in expecting the cold to make you jump and it is warm. Ugh I can not stand it. If I am somewhere with only one bathroom and I notice some one just walked and I have to go I will no kidding hold it till I think the seat has had time enough to cool off. This goes for shoes as well, no switching shoes with my best girlfriend or sister unless they have had time to cool off.
    Ok my list could go on bu then you will really think I am nuts. So here’s to hoping I win a book cause frankly I just want to win something! Plus I really really want to cut myself a break as a newer mother who had to admit defeat from both dinner and a 1 year old today!

  88. Destiny says

    I’ve already bought, read and given away several copies, so please don’t consider me for the give-a-way.

    But … my pet peeve. Condensation. I hate it! I have to wrap a napkin around my Route 44 from the Sonic before I can enjoy it. Cold Coke — hot day? I have to surround it with paper towel before I can take that first swig. My family thinks I’m ridiculous, but I’m okay with me…

    • Claire says

      Oh I am so with you on this. Sonic has these new shiny silver cups and when they hand it to me and I can hardly hold it until I get it all swaddled in napkins! I didn’t think I had a pet peeve (like spoons) until I read your comment Destiny.

      I am almost finished with the book and have two people I will loan it to … and I gave one away to a friend.

      I guess Patricia.

  89. says

    Patrice? Hmmm… I’ve been watching “Family Ties” on Netflix and all I can think of is “Alex P. Keaton”. But I don’t know what his “P” stands for either, so it doesn’t help me at all! My son’s middle name starts with a P also!

  90. Catherine says

    I’m guessing Patricia.

    As for pet peeves… Watching people eat, and especially hearing them chew, makes me go absolutely bananas. =]

  91. says

    I think everyone has guessed all the “P” names! But I will guess Patricia with everyone else! Only because it seems like a 70’s name. And I am guessing you were born in the 70’s. Forgive me if you were born in the 80’s! I can not wait to read your book. I ordered it today!

  92. Rachel Newswanger says

    Phyllis & that is what started all the “p” shirking business.
    I don’t have “spoon” issues, but all closet doors must be shut to sleep, who wants to fall asleep while looking at their clothes? Looks like your sister put on a lovely party for her sister!

    • Cori says

      I have to shut the closet door when I sleep too, but that is so the boogy man doesn’t come and get me. Seriously, I can’t sleep if I leave the door open. I really have this crazy idea that some is going to come out of the closet and get me, even though I check it before I go to bed. Ahhh, so much fun to be me!!

  93. says

    Paisley? Or Paulette? I do like Paige but everyone has already said that, so I’ll go with Paisley since I don’t think it’s been mentioned?

  94. says

    laughing and cringing all at the same time..
    i think you’ve totally changed my view of spoons.
    i’ll never be able to use them again without looking for THE FILM! :/
    i’m thinking it’s on forks too though, but less visible as it probably hides in the slits. πŸ˜‰
    here’s to making eating w/ our hands fashionable!!! ~

    middle name?
    it’s greek and it means, grace.


  95. Jennifer says

    I think Emily Paige sounds pretty, so I hope I am guessing right. I have your book πŸ˜‰ My sweet, sweet sister-in-law bought it as a surprise for me. I wish I could have attended your party and given you a big hug in person. Instead I thought of you and prayed for you that afternoon. Your book has been a big blessing to me already…and I am not even finished yet!

    My biggest pet peeve also begins with “p”–public. Public restrooms, public spaces, waiting room chairs, airplanes, magazines….sometimes even books from public libraries give me the shivers. I would like to hope that everyone else washes their hands as much as I do, but after having children I realize that is not the case ;-)—ughhhh!

  96. Vicki says

    I am going to go out on a limb and guess your middle name is what you have been talking about, Peeve. Seems unusual but with all the discussion about pet peeves, it seems like a good guess!
    I have read your blog and you are remarkable. Your words touch the deepest parts of the soul.

  97. says

    Emily, I don’t get to guess because when I met you on Saturday at the party and you were talking about the ‘p’ in your name, your mom was sitting there, and I asked about your middle name. I think she answered? Either way, it’s kind of funny now..I didn’t realize this was going to be your post:). It was great meeting you; I’m enjoying your book already!! :)

  98. says

    This is the best post! I actually stopped to read each comment so far. I have way too many quirky annoyances (I avoided the “p” words ) to list all of them here. I absolutely must have all my towels folded one particular way. As in, my husband will occasionally help with the laundry, but leavethetowelsaloneI’lldoitmyselfthankyouverymuch. I have many silly things like that which come down to being a control freak. Your book is so easy to step on my toes, giving me many nudges so far about my false sense of that control…thanks for having the courage to step out and write this. I’m about halfway through it and I have enjoyed reading thoughts of a person with whom I feel I can truly relate. Oh, and I don’t need the book (obviously) but if I could vote for the most enjoyable comment, I’d pick “Emily” at 5pm that guessed “Peaches”. She sounds like she needs some quiet book time in her “lack of adult conversation” world. Been there, done that.

    Still laughing at these comments….

  99. Shannon Stoltzfus says

    I hate when you buy meat and the freezer seal breaks and it’s no long vacuumed. I always want to throw it away. Pauline – that’s my guess.

  100. says

    Oh spoons are terrible things. I have eaten soup with a fork simply to avoid having to use a spoon.

    I, too, have many quirks but the one that is probably most “out there”: I will not set the alarm clock on any number that is even or divisible by 5. It has to be a 1, 3 or 7 on the end or you just don’t wake up right; the wrong tone would be set for the entire day.

  101. says

    OHMY! I never knew of a spoon peeve…but there are several of you! Wow.

    My first thought was Penelope. Even though it kinda rhymes…Emily Penelope. :0)

    Then I thought Phoebe. Cause I have a friend Phoebe who is lovely like you. And it’s biblical no less. So is Priscilla. Hmmm.

    But if I were naming you I might name you Emily Paige cause it’s adorable or Emily Pearl which is charming as well.

    That’s a lot of guesses…but I don’t have your book yet…want it, but don’t have it yet.

  102. says

    My first guess is Pauline. But I thought I’d come up with a few others… Polly, Pumpkin, Pepper, Priscilla, Peggy, Priscilla, Panda… or something mexican, like Pancha. I like Pancha.

  103. says

    Hahaha! I have to be honest, I’ve never really thought about the spoon thing, but oh how true!

    I think it’s Penelope. I have no idea why. Just a random guess. :)

    Congrats on the book! I work for a Christian publisher, I realize it’s not an easy feat at all to get there, so absolutely fabulous job on persevering through it all!!

  104. says

    You so crack me up! I love both you and your sister’s blogs!!! On the spoonsβ€”beyond true.
    On the P for your middle name, Patricia sounds beautiful; but I’m not so sure that’s it. I doubt it’s common, so I’ll let others guess away.

  105. Jolene in Michigan says

    Penelope? Persephone? Or would that be Persephony? I hope not. :)

    My girl friend and I decided “nostril” was the most unpleaseant word we knew in the 3rd grade, and it still ranks right up there depsite our expanded vocabularies.

  106. says

    Pamela? I have an aunt Pamela and love her name. I was fond of Pippy when I was a kid. Stories of bravery and freckles like mine…

    No, it’s probably not Pamela. Emily Pamela? Silly me.

    Oh, I have no idea – not a single guess. But I did want to say that your books are beautiful and you and your sister are so cute that you should be illegal.

  107. Brooke says

    I’m sad to read that you dislike P words. Some of my favorites begin with that letter (pumpkin, papaya, precious to name a few) and I’ve started a trend with my sister and nephew related to this. Whenever someone drops a particularly cute “p” word, we repeat it along with any other “p” words we can think of – and make a hand gesture on the starting syllable, as if to indicate how adorable that little “p” sounds. Ahhhhh pumpkin…

  108. Carolyn says

    I don’t like the “F” word….no not that one….(fart). I have never liked that word. I have always used the word stinker or gas when referring to this word. My mother is the same way….but we would play with her on this, just like my three children are doing now….We would play Balderdash and when it was my moms turn to read the definations of a word all of us would write (fart), she would just look at all of us and then finally read them…..Now my kids are 26, 24 and 17, my 24 year old has a sweet 6 month baby boy and her boyfriend is a sweetheart but loves the (fart) word, it is just becoming funnier as I grow older!!! My kids tell me that not all (farts) are stinky so they can be stinkers~! Oh well life goes on and gas, farts and stinkers are part of life!!! (I also hate the color purple!!! OH MY!!)

    • says

      When I had my first son I decided we were not going to be using the F word either. We say poofer. Is that better or worse?

      When he was about 10 someone said the F word and he later asked me what that meant. Yay!

    • says

      Our family uses the word “fluffy.” I grew up with a father who thought “fart” was a swear word. :) Talk about words that get funnier as you get older–my kids (or husband) just say the word “poo” and I crack up. What IS that??!!

  109. says

    This was a blast! I LOVED reading every word!!!

    Congratulations on your book!

    Just one of my pet peeves (even though this is after the fact and probably no one is reading this anymore, but I have an evening to myself, sort of, and wanted to indulge in some fun blog reading)…

    anything hanging from the mouth, around the lips, near the nose….totally sends me into a freakazoid gagging frenzy!


  110. says

    I guess Patricia…along with lots of others…but that really is what I was going to guess. Your book is on my amazon wishlist…so at least I’ll probably get it for Christmas if I don’t win it! :)

  111. Steff says

    Ooooh, the utensil on the teeth haters are just gonna loathe me. I cannot abide food touching my lips, I just can’t do it. It feels all dirty and greasy and icky. The same goes for particularly sticky lip glosses, it just doesn’t feel right. So I tend to clink my teeth on the spoon or fork pretty frequently, it drives my husband bonkers (mind you, he was fairly bonkers beforehand, he did marry me after all).

    I also can’t stand the word onus. My dad used to say it all the time (“The onus is on you to get it done” etc.) and one time my brother and I realized it sounded just like … oh I don’t even want to type it … anus. I haven’t been able to hear one without thinking the other ever since.

    • Steff says

      Also, I wanted to tell you that the book arrived at my door, to much anticipation, on monday and I’m already halfway through it. I have a mental list as long as my arm of other ladies in my life who have to read it next; I’m considering starting a book group to force them into it.

      It feels like you saw into my soul and wrote down everything you found there; reading it has been a unique and healing experience thus far. Thank you for being so vulnerable, as fellow good girls I’m sure we all understand just how much courage that took.

  112. betty in nc says

    I know I’m late to the party but I had to comment about the “spoon” and ice cream issue… My crazy mother (yes I love her but it’s true she is crazy) collects “sterling silver ice cream spoons” I think they look like “sporks” those hybrid utencils they give you at KFC. It might do the trick for your ice cream/dessert problem.
    And while I’m here….I had to order your book from Amazon because the local Barnes & Noble was SOLD OUT!! I just got it and would prefer to stay home and read than work but I’ve gotta pay for the book. Lovin it!

  113. says

    I think P is a particularly unique middle initial to have. My middle name is Alexandra. I love it because it’s not a name you’d often see in the middle, but I don’t like that because my middle initial is A because everyone thinks my middle name is Anne. {Although, incidentally, I love the letter A for a reason I don’t know and I also love the name Anne, but I don’t like it for a middle name because what it’s most often used for.} Anyway, a pet peeve? Using red pens to edit. As I stated in a recent blog post, editors are supposed to make writing better, not make it bleed. My personal preference for editing is purple. It just seems like a happy color.

  114. says

    So, first I fell in love with your sister. Then my sister bought me your book for my birthday and now I am head over heels in love with you! I am only halfway through, but I have a feeling by the end I’ll be better at putting my good girl image aside and choosing to bask in His love (rather than nodding and smiling when someone is ticking me off and then screaming and crying once I’m within the confines of my own car). Grace for the Good Girl is going in the stocking of everyone I love this year. Most importantly, you’re helping me fall head over heels in love with my Lord again.

    And how can you choose the pointy, angry fork over the curvy, gentle spoon?!

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