when you want to be intentional but you need a little help

There will be two posts today. Two posts! Later today, I will post the first in a series I introduced last week. But first, this.

The past two years have carried with them a lot of change for me and my family in nearly every area – personal, professional and spiritual. Maybe you could say the same?

Because of that, I have pulled away from some of the social connections I once enjoyed. It wasn’t a premeditated withdrawl, more of a combination of learning (and often failing to learn) how to balance writing books with having margin, how to be fully present to my family, and realizing my own lack of motivation and energy to do much more outside of family and work.

I’m not saying that’s good, I’m just saying it’s true. I want that to be less true of me in 2013.

Last year was the first year of the (in)courage in real life meet-ups. I didn’t go to a gathering in my hometown because I was scheduled to speak at an event in California that same weekend. The Man and I flew out there together, and while I wasn’t working, we had a good time eating Mexican food and driving up the Pacific Coast Highway.

I do not regret that decision.

But there is something about the concept behind this event that I truly appreciate. Instead of launching another conference where women have to leave home, pay money, travel far, and meet people who live in different states (all of which I have done and enjoyed), the concept behind this conference is to gather with the women who live in your community.

(in)RL video

If you want to be intentional but need a little help, maybe this (in)RL meetup idea could be just the thing you need.

Registration opens today at www.inrl.us – below is some information that may be helpful for you to know, but if this sounds interesting and you have no idea what I’m talking about, visit the (in)RealLife registration page to learn more.

Did you attend an (in)RL meetup last year? Do you plan to go this year? Tell us about it in the comments. And then come back later today when we’ll talk a little about writing.



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    I wasn’t there last year, and I might be this year, but there are precious few bloggers connect to {in}courage in my nation, let alone my state and city! (I’m in Australia!) So I think it might be me and my hot chocolate, just soaking it up together. :) And connecting online somehow with it all and knowing that hearts can be knit, even over thousands of miles.
    Yep, praying for that this year.

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    I hosted a meet-up last year and what was meant to be fun, relaxed girl time didn’t start out that way. I was stressed, invited way too many, squeezed the morning into an already overbooked schedule, and more!

    As we soaked in the good stuff — I was grateful that most of my mishaps moved to the background. We were inspired and refreshing thinking about blogging, friendships and faith.

    If I attend this time (or next) I will plan differently. Small. Simple. Comfortable. Perhaps, PJ’s!! :)

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    I love this post. I especially related and very much liked your #2 where you quoted Christa Wells. Not that I am in ANY danger of the “notoriety, money, awards, platinum albums, or even just to be picked up by a label” part! :) My list would be: 1. My Husband, who is my spiritual spring board and best-est friend. 2. Friends who are NO longer, I appreciate our honest conversations the most. 3. Friends who are left in my life, because they are still there. :) 4. Authors past and present, there are so many words that walk us right past ourselves, we just have to find the ones who write them. (And I’ve found a few of those).

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    I am drain to this event because of the fact that my theme for this year is “Be Intentional”. I have struggled in the past few years over the fact that I haven’t had the income to pursue going to these type LIVE events and travel 1000s of miles. This is intriguing to me, but I’m just not sure what’s involved and what I’d have to do to pull it off. Off to visit the link.

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    I didn’t go last year as I hadn’t heard about it, I wasn’t yet blogging publically =)
    I am signed up for this year though and excited!! =)
    Much Love Emily! Your note in the front of my graceful book makes me smile everytime I pick it up!

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