when never being finished is a good thing

My dad asked me the other day if I was looking forward to being finished with my third book. I laughed out loud when he said it because the truth is, I will never be finished with my third book.

The writing will end, of course. The book will be covered and sold (November!) but the work on the book? That work will continue in the form of speaking engagements, conversations, blog posts, articles, and interviews.

My first book released over a year ago but here I am, still sharing the message of that book. And can I tell you something?

I’m so thankful.

I’m thankful this topic resonates enough with women that I still have permission to talk about it. I’m thankful for the email and the letters and the conversations in church hallways and grocery store aisles with women who desperately needed to be reminded (or told for the first time) that because God is graceful, we are free.

I know there’s so much more to it than that, but for now I’m celebrating the simplicity of those words.

Today we release the final video in the Letting Go of the Try Hard Life series. If you’ve missed the first three videos, you can watch them all by clicking the links below. I hope you enjoy and and are encouraged by them.

letting go of the try hard life

Session 1 : Receive the truth

Session 2 : Remain in the truth

Session 3: Respond to the truth

The fourth and final video, releasing for the first time today:

Session 4: Remember the truth

We made these videos to be a resource to you as you read either of my two books: Graceful {For Young Women} or Grace for the Good Girl. The videos do not coincide with a particular reading plan, rather our intention was to simply give you one more tool to use in small groups, book clubs, or individual study. I truly hope you enjoy them.

Thank you to the staff and listeners at New Life 91.9 in Charlotte and WMHK 89.7 in Columbia for having me in your studio and for being ministers of the Gospel in our communities.

P.S. Listen to the radio, y’all. There’s some Jesus loving people behind those microphones. 


  1. says

    I know this will probably sound ridiculous on some level… But, I’m super proud of you for persevering and telling the truth when it’s not flattering and silky coming out. I have loved Grace for the Good Girl. It’s sits right next to Bittersweet by Niequist and currently 7 by Hatmaker. Your words and heart are relevant and they move me.. Thank you! I’m pumped about whatever else you’re moved to do next. Those of us that heard you at Apostles a few years ago still talk about about… lovingly.

  2. says

    The post title makes me think of each of us… We are all unfinished at this point…As long as we are walking in step with Him, it is a good thing…as we await perfect when He returns.

    Thank you for your words.

  3. says

    So…I’m supposed to be cleaning while my kiddos nap but instead I just sat and watched ALL four videos while stuffing my face with chips! HA! :) But they are just to on point that I could not stop watching. I’m going to share them with the women in my small group Bible study tonight and they will be moved.
    We are all so unfinished. <3

    • says

      That’s awesome. I especially like that you were stuffing your face with chips – like you were at the movies!

      I hope your small group enjoys them …(And can’t tell how crazy tired I was by the time Session 4 rolled around)!

  4. Lisa says

    The title of the post resonates on multiple levels for me. “Never being finished” applies not just to my daily need for God’s strength and my sanctification, but the way I feel about working, wifing, and mothering right about now. (The “It’s Thursday and I am SO exhausted and when will this sweet, adorable baby sleep already?!” syndrome.) I recently read Grace for the Good Girl and loved, loved, loved it. In fact, I need to go back and re-read all the sections I highlighted and bookmarked because I need a fresh reminder of God’s grace and my freedom this morning. I look forward to watching the videos!

  5. says

    I’m laughing at the sand dollar part form the 4th video.
    Yes, I suppose once you know what to look for, it’s easy.
    Like so many things.
    You’ve got me thinking…

    Again, from the 4th video –
    I thought what you said about writing in your bible was interesting. I used to treasure my bible…course, I was Catholic and it was the KJV and I had been taught that the book itself was holy. Then I saw friends writing notes in their bible. Then I started to. Then I was baptized as a young adult – and my small group wrote notes of encouragement in my bible on that day. I still have it – though the binding is all falling apart.

    My step-son was choosing his first bible and I suggested he really take a look before just picking one off the shelf. See if he had enough space to write notes in it. He quickly gave me the “Your hair is on fire” look. Write. In. Your Bible??

    He settled on the one his junior high ministry was using, called Live. And, he smiled big when he turned the page one day and saw that the bible publishers had included scribble and doodling spaces (or similar) and labeled them as such. :)
    ~ Dana

  6. says

    Thanks for these videos which so beautifully synthesize the wonderful teaching in your books. God really has used you to bring Scripture alive in my heart. Thanks.

  7. says

    I love this so much! It makes me think of life. Life is one of those things that is good to never be finished with. We are always a work in progress, until our last breath leaves our body we won’t be finished. And that is an encouraging and wonderful thing! Thank you for this post and all you write.

  8. Michelle Holland says

    Great job Emily! I loved all four radio teachings and your book, Grace for the good girl! Be encouraged! The Lord is using you to spread His Good News to many! Your heart for Him is evident, thank you for sharing. Michelle

  9. says

    Hi Emily,
    I stumbled onto your ” Chatting at the Sky ” blog, this morning while enduring [hopefully!!!] my last day of an extremely nasty flu somethingorother….It’s the first day I feel like I might live after all.
    “Living the Good Girl Life…” wow… so me! and I’m no young chick like you. Often wondering “why do I make EVERYTHING all about ME???”
    I really enjoyed the videos, and as soon as I’m sure I’m not contagious, I’m going to track down the book. This “good girl” needs some grace.
    thank you so much for sharing, and i look forward to more of your work.

  10. says

    That’s awesome that you’re putting out your third book! The attitude of never being finished with it is amazing. Writing can be so solitary it’s great to live in a time when people can comment and share how they’ve been helped or encouraged by a written word.

  11. says

    what a great look at not being finished. i bear the burden of unfinished tasks all.the.time. it’s refreshing when not being finished is seen as a good thing. and in your case, it surely is. i {we} are getting ready to launch a new blog, meant as a resource for girls, parents and professionals who work with girls. i hope you will consider guest posting for us in the near future…. you know, because your work in this area should never be done. :) your second book {which i purchased for our “board” of 6 women} is a perfect match. it won’t be until the end of feb or beginning of march; i’ll email you details at the time. xo

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