when a non-dog lover gets one

If you are a person who loves dogs, you probably won’t understand what I’m about to say. And you will desperately try for all kinds of ways to convince me of things. But in the same way that you say people who do not love the dogs just can’t understand, I will tell you that people who love the dogs won’t get me.

The First Night

I sit still in my bed, 3:30am; I’m aware of the little furry body in the crate near the door. I can’t believe I’ve let this thing into my house, into my haven, my balanced home that functions for people. I scratch my leg, then my neck and thoughts of fleas overwhelm me so much that I have to get up. He’s an animal! In my house! The voice teases me loud while I try to reason with it, how American people get dogs. And I’m an American person. Why am not loving this dog?

Because he is a dog. And I am not a person who loves the dogs. I have no compartment for  dog care, no experience for what to do with one. I have never had a dog and I’ve never, ever wanted one. There are no dog-loving pathways in my brain, no memories of dogs past, no times of longing for a dog friend. I feel un-qualified and nervous, like there are dog rules that I don’t know about yet. I also feel distinctly un-patriotic and wonder if people would protest in front of my house if only they knew.

Now before you call the Humane Society, my husband knows about the dogs. He has had the dogs and loves the dogs. And he lives here and I love him, so it works out. In fact, we’ve been married for nine years and there is a laugh I’ve never heard until now. It is the happy dog laugh. And it makes me love him even more. The man, not the dog. But maybe the dog a little.

In preparation for this puppy, I’ve read the Dog Whisperer, and everything he says makes sense. But what if I’m not a person who can do that? I’m not sure anyone realizes how anxious I feel in my bones, how afraid I am to do something wrong, how I both desperately want the dog to like me and also wish he would go away.

And it occurs to me at 4am how the Creator has things he wants to teach me about his creation. For a quick moment, I am thankful for the dog, for the things I am already learning about myself and my unwillingness to trust the process. I am prone to fear, to worry, to dread and the manipulation of outcomes. My first instinct is to resist change and then when it comes, to grieve and worry and sit in my fear.

I have never wanted to change my personality more than I want to in this moment. How I wish I were more laid-back, more open, more free. The last time I felt this type of uneasiness was when we brought babies home from the hospital. And that was something I prepared for, longed for, wanted and still, the anxiety and responsibility weighed heavy.

Yet here I am with a dog in my sunroom, my pretty sunroom made for people. He chews and he gallops and sleeps on my floor like he belongs here. He is an animal and he lives in my house. Houses are not for animals, they are for people, right? And then I remember how I love the people in my house, and how very much my people wanted a dog. And I remember the whispered, prayer of surrender: I’m willing, Lord. Bring the right one, Lord. I know he gives good gifts. I know he longs to provide, even in this. And so I trust even in the midst of my anxiety. I walk the dog, I feed the dog, I even laugh at the dog. It is work, this loving. It does not come natural for me. But really, no love is real without work.

The Second, Third, Fourth & Fifth Night

But all that I said before? That was before the puppy magic. I did not know about the puppy magic. I can’t guarantee I will like your dog. In fact, I probably won’t. But after that first night, something seemed to click, like this little dog has somehow brought an organic rhythm and connection to our family. So dog people? I kind of get it. And non-dog people? I promise I won’t write about this dog anymore. At least, not much. And Finn? Welcome home, buddy. You may have been abandoned by your last owners, but you will not be abandoned by us.


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    I loved this! Perhaps because I’m not a “dog person” either. I try, but I’m just not. I feel the same way. And, you are so right…..God is using this to teach you something. Thank God for His lessons…even the ones that makes us want to climb the wall! :)

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    I understand you completely. We are rapidly approaching our first anniversary of dog ownership. I am not a dog person. Or an indoor animal person. I grew up with a mother who would say, “Quick! Wash your hands!” if I even looked at an animal, let alone touched one. I will probably never kiss our dog’s nose, but still….I adore this animal! I love the way he fits into our family as if he was meant just for us. Actually, he was meant for us. My children prayed him to us, for well over a year before we brought him home. My advice, from one not-so-new dog owner, to another? Spend a little money for a good obedience class, it makes such a difference. Go to one that everyone in the family can attend, so that you all get trained right along with the dog.

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    I could have written this post 15 years ago. Word. For. Word. After 15 years, she died. And I miss her. But, I still don’t love other people’s dogs. And I still can’t believe I let a dog live in my house. It’s the OTHER people in my house that won my heart. Not the dog. But in the end, I learned that’s what’s important anyway.

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    Emily, I feel just the same as you. I am NOT a dog person {or a cat, bird, horse, whatever person either}. I thought my husband was CRAZY when we got our Carley as a wild puppy 8.5 years ago. Now, as surprising as it is for me to admit it – she’s part of our family. I probably won’t like your dog, but I surely love mine!

    P. S. The puppy? He’s so cute!!

    • Brenda says


      What precious post!

      As you know I’m a non-dog loving person… who has had a dog for eight years and she’s precious!



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    We’ve tried four dogs in our 18 year marriage. Nothing has yet clicked for me. But I believe there is a dog out there for me. Someday? I changed grade levels this year at school, and I’ve come to a hall where teachers love. their. dogs. They bring them to work on teacher work days. Honestly. Three dogs. DOGS. on the hallway that is made for people. Oh – I hear Holly the Golden Retriever right now! I want to experience this puppy magic. This dog magic. someday.

    • Abby says

      I am with you. I just got a dog, feeling like I wanted one because my husband is gone a lot. I “just knew” that a dog would help me, but I also knew that I am not a dog,or even a pet person. But here I am two days in and still not on board. She is probably the best dog too, she hangs on my every word and learns so quickly. She follows my directions, sleeps in her crate and has not barked one time! But I’m still not feeling it. I will feel really bad if I have to give her back to the rescue I got her from… What happened with your dogs, did you give them back?

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        We kept the dog :) It’s been 3 years now, actually – and though I never would have chosen to get a dog on my own, I’m really glad we have one now. It took about 8 months for me to warm up, though. He is a nice companion to have around.

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    OK, you guys – I have to comment for the “other side.” I ADORE DOGS!! My sons have a beagle – I refer to him as my “grand-dog!” Hang in there, Emily. The one thing I have learned from having a dog in my life is this – they really teach you something about unconditional love. The way that Marty greets us, always happy, always excited – not really expecting anything in return – that is how we should love our Heavenly Father. Total loyalty, total excitement, total “wag your tail” love! I’m actually going to write about some of the other things I’ve learned from him next week on my blog – since I’ll be “dog-sitting” him while my sons are out of town – yes, I know, I’m a GREAT mother!!!

    Welcome home, Finn – you are a cutie!!

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    He really is soooooo beautiful. And God prepares us for whatever twist or turn our path takes. He prepared you for children, and sounds like that all is going along very well. And He made sure your husband IS a dog person, to help with your new puppy love journey. Enjoy every minute with him and revel in the joy on your childrens faces when they play with him. :o)

  8. Angela Fowler-Wells says

    Puppy magic. Never thought of it that way but I like the term. But I love puppy breath. There’s nothing in the world like it and they don’t have it for long but I love that smell. Hope all goes well with your new pup. They are such joy.

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    Precious and funny and oh how I get every. single. word. From one non-dog person to another, I am impressed….and if my babies have anything to do with it, we will not be dog-less forever.

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    I get it. I’m not a dog-lover either. Or a lover of animal hair and animal smells and animal breath in my house. Or animal poop and pee in my yard or on my carpet. Yet God blessed me with a daughter who loves animals more than she loves people. This particular daughter is one of my biological children, not one of my adopted children. I could explain it away, if she was one of my adopted children. But no…she carries my genes. I don’t get it.

    I don’t know why I just told you all that. I guess I just wanted you to know that I feel unpatriotic and an American at times too.


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    I used to think I was a dog person. We had them growing up. Heck, I have 2 living in my house right now. But now I’m not so sure. I really don’t like other people’s dogs. I get irritated when they lick me. Ick! But somehow I love my 2.

    Anyway, Finn is adorable. I’ll pet him when I see him but please don’t let him lick me! ha. Glad you are enjoying him now.

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    I’m a non-dog-lover, but every once in a while, I think to myself, “Aww…look how cute that dog is!” And then I’m afraid I will switch sides! Thankfully, my family has not pushed me over the line yet!

    Finn made me say, “awww…”

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    I am an animal person…I love them all. I’ve had dogs and now I own a cat. Either way, I can’t imagine these animals not being in my home as one of my own. I think like babies, when you see a puppy or kitten, you just make a connection – almost a motherly instinct. I remember the first night I brought my puppy home (my ex owns her now). I heard her wimpering in her crate downstairs. I tried to sleep through it, but I couldn’t imagine this small lifeform sleeping alone. So, I went downstairs, got her out of her crate, and laid her on my chest…just as if she was a baby. She fell right asleep. That was it…she was mine. I hope you do enjoy your new dog though. He’s adorable. Reminds me of my Lucy.

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    I am a dog person, but I understand because I feel this exact way about cats.

    But at least I don’t have to worry about people protesting in front of my front door for that. Because while dogs are American and therefore patriotic, cats are clearly French.

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    You sound just like my hubby… before he suggested we get a dog. Knowing how much he hated animals, I thought the man had literally lost his mind. For the first six months, I expected him to change his mind about the whole pet thing. Five years later, he loves our ninety-pound mutt as much as I do. It’s funny how animals can sneak their way into our hearts even when we don’t want them to.

    By the way, Finn is adorable. I can see how you were ensnared by all the puppy magic.

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    Great post! I am not much of a dog person either;surprisingly how many of us are admitting that now. I kept thinking about wha you wrote and the power of love to melt and open our hearts. Good words!

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    oh emily. you are so adored. i love this. and Finn is going to bring you many good times. (and some not so good ones too)
    you made me teary-eyed.

    what kind of dog is Finn?

  18. Sarah Dakin Hansen says

    Em, I identify with this so much. We are on dog #7 (no that’s not a sweet little nickname, literally her place in line) and I realized how poorly I was willing to treat this created thing. And what do you know but that I don’t love Fiona a little more each day that I am kind to her. At least I know I’m not the only one who wants to follow her around with the vacuum and Febreze.

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    I hate cats. Hate them with the heat of a thousand suns, hate them. Can’t stand them. Think they’re disgusting and gross and look like you like they will eat your face off should you die in the house and there be no food. Cats=evil to me. Dogs on the other hand? Love. Love them all. I will love your dogs, my dogs and any random dog I meet.
    When ours are at the groomers for the day, our house is sad. There’s no life to it because they’re not in it. Tiny dog (all 4 lbs of him-yes, he’s fully grown) is actually sitting in my lap right now as I type and the other one is sleeping on my foot. I’d be lost without them. Dogs bring love and joy and laughter to a home. A home made for people AND dogs.
    One day you’ll look back and won’t be able to remember life before Finn. He’ll become a part of your family and when you’re away from him you’ll miss him. Plus, people with dogs have lower blood pressure and live longer.
    What a sweet little face! I want to smoosh it and give him kisses. I want you to post many more photos of him with your family. The joy on their faces will be evident.

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    This resonates with me. I mean, I’m definitely a dog person. And I want to have one the second we have a yard. But I, too, am prone to fear, worry, dread and the manipulation of outcomes. And I find myself constantly having to breathe that same prayer…”I am willing, Lord.”

    On another note, he is adoreable. And Finn seems like the perfect name.

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    Emily, I remember the day I brought our puppy home. He immediately peed on the kitchen floor and I thought, “Dear Lord, what have I done?” It took forever to get used to the added responsibility and to simply calm down and enjoy him.

    Then a couple of years ago he got old and we had to have him put to sleep. Then I thought to myself, “How can anyone be so emotional and silly over a dog?” But he had become family. Not human, but a significant part of the family nonetheless.

    You remind me of my neighbor too. She was a sworn pet-hater. Then her son had a tour of duty in Iraq and left his enormous German Shepherd with her. And he was a house dog! He stayed for a couple of years while her son was coming and going in the military. The dog-hater became “Grandma” to the dog. When gas was $4.00 a gallon she took him for rides around the neighborhood because “he wanted to go for a ride.” A couple of weeks ago, her son moved to Chicago and took the dog. I thought the self-professed dog-hater would have a nervous breakdown.

    They grow on you!

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    I was the same way! No way was I every allowing a dog in my house. Then I met my husband and my husband’s family who everyone of them owns a dog and allows the dog to live with them in their house. I saw a connection between the dog and the owner that I don’t see very often between people. A connection I finally gave in to and got myself a dog…a miniature dachshund. This dog knows me. Knows when I’m sad, knows when I’m hungry and knows when I just need to sit in silence. He knows when to protect me (in his eyes) and greets me when I enter the door–he is there waiting and ready! What a joy! You might enjoy the post I put on my blog about him. Check it out at http://ameekperspective.blogspot.com/2010/08/weekly-thought-5.html. Enjoy your posts!

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    apparently puppy magic works even when said “puppy” weighs more than my six-year-old! the girls felt the magic and exclaimed “the Lord brought us this dog!” when he appeared at our door monday afternoon. yesterday “Guinness” became officially ours and was bestowed an additional name by his “sisters”: “daddy’s son.” :)

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    I’ve always had dogs. In the past they were always big dogs, i just couldn’t deal with little yappy creatures. Until my daughter Blue gave me her long-hair chihuahua puppy. Blue was in a bad place in her life and couldn’t take care of it.
    The pup was only 12 weeks old when she gave her to me. Itty bitty tiny little bit of love that sat in the palm of my hand. She had been sick and it didn’t look like she was going to make it. But she did.
    I love that dog. She is 11 years old now, getting white around the face. She took this old sad woman by the heart and shook me awake. There were times i don’t know how i would have made it without her.
    She is part of this family, loved by everyone.
    Good luck with your pup. I have a feeling you are going to enjoy him. Alot.

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    I get ya… I too am not a dog lover who has been captivated by mine. It all started with a simple prayer 4 years ago when my 5 year old daughter {at that time} said “LORD Jesus, please change my Mama’s heart so that we can have a puppy.” It took a few more months of diligent prayer on her part and the working on my heart to finally say YES. Somedays I still don’t know why I did it, but I have my moments when this dog lights up my day.

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    I know exactly how you feel Emily. I was SO not a dog person. We did not have pets in the house growing up. Our grandparents did not have pets in the house. Our aunts and uncles did not have pets in the house. Then along came my husband… everybody had pets in the house! I told him from the start… not me. But then after a few years, I gave in… and into the house came our weimaraner, Koa. Now I could not even imagine him not living in our house. I totally changed my mind… I get it now. :)

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    I 100%, completely, without question understand where you are coming from. Not only that, but my dog’s name is Finn too! I had never had one, my hubby never knew life withOUT one. When we rescued my pup, we got it because I knew my children just wanted one so badly, and hubby as well. I CRIED, like real, bawl, cry to sleep type of crying for days. I was so overwhelmed with a puppy! Thing is, when we got him, he was really sick. Vet had us convinced he was not going to make it. I remember sitting on the floor while he slept on the couch. His breathing was so fast, I cried once again but this time because I wanted him to be okay. In an instant I bonded with him. I love him, but I love how he loves my children. My kiddos call Finn their “brother”. LOL
    I hope your experiences with your Finn are as great as ours have been.

    P.S. What kind of dog breed/mix is Finn? I’m just curious as to how big/small he’ll be. He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!

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    A) Obviously you know how I feel about that little snickerdoodle puddin’ pie of cuteness.

    B) Thank you for giving him a chance.

    C) When can I come over and meet him? WHEN? WHEEEENNNNNN?????

    D) You have a dog-sitter for life. Hi.

  29. says

    oh my goodness, I have a tear in my eye. Honestly. I, obviously, am such a dog lover and was so hoping that through this post you would “turn” and you did (even if its just for your puppy). Puppy magic is real and boy does it get you!

    Finn has an adorable face and I am sure is so thankful to be rescued.

    Meanwhile, I type this as my claire (my dog) lays at my feet. She is always by me and I love it. I think you will too :)

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    Such a CUTE puppy! I really understand. I was a dog person growing up, but when I got my own HOUSE I said I would NEVER have a dog In My House! HA! We have TWO!~in the house. So…try to make the best of it & enjoy. I just took our two to the vet this morning…quite an event! 😉

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    Your pictures are beautiful! It’s a good thing there is puppy magic because they eventually grow up. When we had an incorrigible beagle puppy I constantly told him, “It’s a good thing you’re so cute, otherwise…”

  32. says

    Ok… I smiled really big reading this post… Nearly every night, I tell my (now 1 year old) puppy, “I wasn’t going to like you. I was just going to tolerate you for their sake…” and she hears the tone in my voice and …she nuzzles in and takes her pets, her strokes, and the love I pour out on this *magical* puppy!! How did it happen!?

  33. says

    I feel the same way as you, but about EVERY other animal except dogs. I’m a dog person whole heartedly – and the love I have for my two dogs is crazy… One of them drove me insane for the first year of her life, but now I couldn’t ever dream of giving her up. She’s become part of the family, we even moved to a new house within two weeks to be able to keep her. They will teach you many things over the course of their lives :) Good luck and congrats on the new pup, he’s adorable.

  34. says

    I’m totally with you on this. Not a dog lover, though I always grew up having a dog and loved my dogs of my younger years. My Husband also not a dog lover. The problem? The kids really want a puppy….We’ll see…

  35. susan says

    WOW! Thats for being brave and taking that leap! If you let Finn consume your heart with his somewhat childish behavior then it won’t take long to realize you did the right thing! I have had dogs for over 20 years of my adult life yet no humans (yet, but maybe soon!) and I have always had that instinct of what to do with cats, dogs, chickens, pheasants, calves and horses but the thought of having a human baby of my own, my very own, is SCAARRYY! Its ok when its my nieces or nephews b/c hello back to your mommy and I am all better, CALM sets back in! So I guess what I am telling you is it will be OK, let your children love him all over and you will see that with time passing, you may think it was a great leap to take and should’ve done it sooner. Maybe? Well God bless you for loving Finn!

  36. says

    Now I officially love you even more. Not married, as in want to marry you kind of love, but love as in….I love you that took the leap out of your comfort zone. It will be so worth it. But don’t come over to my house unannounced or our annoying, untrained big huge dog will jump on you. Then you will really not love my dogs…ever. But you’d still love our inside one cuz she is sweet and trained. Yep, three dogs…crazy.

  37. says

    When I married I also got a dog along with the man. At first, I wasn’t crazy in love with the dog. It was more of my husband’s animal and I always liked cats. But now, this dog and I have bonded and he does not leave my side if my husband is not home. He is so protective of me. Giving us dogs was one of God’s kindest gifts.

  38. says

    I so get every word you said. I never had a dog until I married a man with a dog. I was NOT a dog person. Guess what? I did not like his dog, so I thought. I tolerated him for 8 years. I swore another 4 legged animal would never grace our home when he passed. When he died my heart broke, I had emotions I never knew I had. A year later I brought home a little puppy while my man was out of town for the week. I felt like the mother of a newborn. I turned into a total dog freak nutjob, the person I always made fun off!!! Two months ago I got him a sister. Love the way the man loves them to and the voices they make talking to them, especially when they think no one is listening. I’m so off the charts nutty for them I could see myself starting an entire blog about them! Ok, is this the longest rambling comment ever? so, blog away about Finn! He is going to be awesome! When you buy him his first sweater you will know you are hooked!

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    Love your post! Somehow I think I ran across it for a reason. I am a big non-dog person. I had dogs growing up, but I am more of a cat person. They don’t require as much “maintenance” as dogs. My 3 year old daughter, however, has liked dogs almost from the moment she was born. She is asking me on an almost daily basis if we can go to the pet store to get a dog. I keep resisting, but I’m not sure how long I can…I guess I need to let a little puppy magic happen…

  40. says

    Your dog is adorable! Congrats! I love other people’s dogs, but apparently I don’t have much tolerance for dogs of my own. We have a fantastic beagle lab mix that I’m looking to find a GOOD home for. Breaks my heart, but right now its the best thing to do… My daughter has bad allergies and they seem to be getting worse, my husband and I are separated and I just can’t do it anymore. Not trying to be a “debbie downer” on your post, it just hit at a rough time, I called the vet today to see about finding him a new home.

    Hope your dog comes to fit your family perfectly!

  41. says

    I feel certain that, even for people who don’t get the dog thing, there is room the human heart to get THE dog. Sounds like Finn is the dog for you, which would make him, of course, an answer to your prayer. I am so proud of you for your trust and your courage in stepping so far out of your comfort zone for the love of your people. You’re right! Love is hard work.

    I tend to think that dogs are people. Cats? No. Cats are not people. Cats are animals. But I suppose that dogs can’t be people; they’re too pure and good.

    That Finn, now. He is one adorable puppy. I imagine he brought a good, healthy dose of Magic with him. Congratulations!

  42. says

    Love this, Emily! I love your honesty and how well you describe your misgivings on owning (gasp!) a dog. As the owner of a dog, a cat, a hamster and former owner of fish, turtles, ladybugs, frogs and bunnies, I throw my arms around your neck and welcome you to the adventure of life with pets. Hold on tight, girl. :)

  43. Sharon O says

    What a darling little pup. Can I share some helpful tips?
    When the puppy is old enough advantage flea liquid drops works wonderfully. You won’t see a flea if you do it every three months. It is expensive but worth it. Also if you crate the pup from the beginning everytime you leave and at night when you go to bed you will solve alot of misbehavior and heart ache. Puppies are good at eating what they shouldn’t and going where it is not ok. My last dog nearly broke our marriage up she was very destructive but we conquered the problems and she is awesome now.
    My dogs were trained to NOT go into the rooms with carpeting. They only stay on the floors and they each have a bed by the door where they sit. Yes they are bigger dogs but you can start early in the training process. Also when puppy goes outside to do its duty… treats are good. If it goes give a treat if it doesn’t there is no treat, they begin to learn a cause and effect … and they want the treat.
    A rolled newspaper works wonderfully for sound and for discipline it won’t hurt them yet it is enough noise to get their attention.
    I have trained austrailian cattle dogs and believe me if want to see a strong willed dog. They are and they also are awesome family dogs. Yours looks like a wonderful little dog best of luck with it.

    Petcos and petsmarts all have puppy classes too.
    hope my information helps.

  44. says

    You make me laugh. I am caught in the akward place of being a dog person, and not being a dog person. I like the idea of dogs, I like them when they are well behaved, and I like them when they are not humping my leg….I think what all this boils down to is that I like them when they are grown. Puppies are tough, but hang in there :).

  45. Kirsten Victor says

    Oh Emily, I love your posts. They remind me that I know you pretty well and help me to understand you even better. You’re an amazing person and I’m so glad you’re blogging and book writing and sharing your wonderfulness with so many others! I just wish I could still be in small group with you every week!

  46. says

    “Just sitting in my fear”…oh my that is so true! The things we do for those we love sometimes have way of blessing us too!

    Here’s to more puppy magic showing up in unlikely places in your life!

  47. says

    He is PRECIOUS. I can understand your not-a-dog lover thoughts. We went a couple years without a dog and when we got a new puppy I had forgotten how much work and responsibility they were, holy moses! But yeah, puppy magic…mine haz it.

  48. Becky in SC says

    You’re right! I DON’T understand you not loving dogs. I am the ultimate dog-lover!! We have a precious, loving, sweet deer-head chihuahua. My two sons are 22 and 20. They are more and more frequently out and about with their jobs…school…friends…My husband works rotating shifts. And I tell you what!…If I didn’t have my precious little furry friend curled up in my lap in the evenings when my once hustling and bustling home is very silent and I have no one to speak with….I really don’t know what I would do.
    I really don’t think you will regret taking that beautiful puppy in. I believe every child should at least once, in their childhood, have a pet to tend to.
    Thanks for your honesty. :-)

  49. says

    oh i love this post! i have an ache in my heart, a smile on my face and tears in my eyes. i was SO not a dog person. like lucy in the peanuts? blah! dog-germs! but i’m here to tell you, it just takes one…. one to love you as unconditionally as only a dog can. to be by your side when your husband goes away for 7 months, to protect you (or at least, make you feel protected), to love you, to respond and to be patient when your small children climb on it and pull it’s ears and try to dress it in people clothes. just one. i think all people are dog people but some just don’t know it yet. :)

  50. says

    i’m such a dork for finally having a chance to come back and hear about your first, second, and so on, nights. and Finn! it’s perfect! can we come by tomorrow and meet him? last day to play before school!! 😉

  51. Tracey Phillips says

    OH Emily! Your words touch my soul. I love the dog that you are getting to know. I know God sent him to me first because, HE knew where finn’s home was going to be….I am so happy you have him. Will you give him a kiss and hug for me? HAAAAA!

    Your “dog-loving” friend!


  52. Claire says

    They now have pills for flea prevention. Comfortis. Ask your vet. They are expensive but not as expensive as having fleas in your house. And it is just a little pill that he will gleefully eat. Congratulations. He is adorable.

  53. Kari says

    Thank you for your post explaining your non-dog-loving position. I have always been an animal lover and it is difficult to understand those who aren’t. However, your post helps me understand your perspective. And I’m glad that you’ve found some space in your heart for your puppy!

  54. Monique says

    Hi Emily,

    I’ve been perusing your site because of the 31 Days series and I came across this so cute post. I’m a dog lover. I didn’t have a dog when I was growing up. Sort of a late bloomer, I got my first pup when I was in my late 20s and I haven’t been without one since. When I had to put my dog to sleep, God plopped two black, mixed breed Labs, literally on my doorstep. I wasn’t sure I could keep two dogs but decided to take the puppies in. It would have been too difficult to leave two hungry, crying puppies to the dangers on the street to fend for themselves.

    Though one of the pups, the oh so mischievous little fella, grew up to develop epilepsy and had to be taken to the vets frequently, I could not imagine separating him from his sister. I learned a lot from them. And during one of the most trying periods of my life, I received the gift of abundant love.

    Your little guy is cute as a button and if he hasn’t by now, I know he’ll charm his way into your heart. It’s been my experience that dogs who sense some reticence towards them will work all the harder to wiggle their way into your heart and life to win you over.

    Have you caught yourself smiling and talking to him…yet? (smile)

  55. says

    loved this post:) i can so identify with your feelings re not being a dog lover and being married to one. he had a dearly loved dog through his childhood that died one year when he came home from college. when our girls were in college, we got a dog and had her for quite a few yrs. she is no longer alive.
    thanks for your great story:) glad i found your blog. m

  56. Jessica says

    I just found your blog (via Girl in the Red Shoes) and I had to comment on this post. My world changed forever on November 2, 2008. We got a dog. My very first puppy, ever. Were we prepared? Absolutely not. My husband found 2 puppies who had been abandoned on some property in North GA and brought one of them home. The other dog went home with one of my husband’s friends.

    I was in the kitchen when he called – just finishing up the chicken for our tacos. He had a surprise and wanted me to come out to the truck. I was annoyed because I was busy but I went outside and saw this tiny, shaking ball of fur sitting on the seat. I immediately said “What are we supposed to do with it?” Then I went to Wal-Mart for all things dog-related.

    It took me a while to warm up to the idea of having a dog. Especially an 8 week old puppy. I liked her and wanted to protect her, but I was also convinced that she hated me. She clawed. She bit. She jumped. She was just a brat, plain and simple. I cried. Many times. But, Dixie and I slowly round our rhythm and I grew to love her more and more every day.

    I have never been much of an animal person and especially did not care for dogs. Now I have a 70 lb mixed breed dog that I love dearly and can’t imagine my life without her.

  57. says

    Just found your blog and saw this post from your about me page….love it! Sounds very much like me when we got a dog last year. I am so not a dog person but got one to be a blessing to my husband who loves dogs and had been really stressed out at work. I knew it would help him relax when he came home and it has really helped him. I have gotten used to our dog, Maggie and even like her a little. Still not a dog person but love the joy that she brings my husband.

  58. Cate says

    I cannot believe the number of “so-called Christians” here who say they do not love dogs. I grew up with dogs, in the house, and cannot imagine a life without them. At least a dog will warn you when someone is approaching the house that does not belong there. A cat – ha! Useless! But, that said, I would never turn away a cat who needed a home either, even though I am highly allergic. Have you people forgotten that it is GOD who created these animals? What gives you the right to shun them? And, so what if a dog or cat is in your house? Should they live out in the harsh environment in a stupid little dog house that is cold, hard and nowhere near the family they are there to protect just because you don’t want to clean up after them? You clean up after babies. In my eyes, there is NO difference. A helpless small thing who offers you comfort and security is definitely worth having. Shame on all of you who don’t like GOD’s domestic animals!!

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