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ugandaMay your weekend be full of hope. May you be able to move beyond your fear and insecurity into the life of someone else, releasing the right to control the outcomes of your movement. And may you remember the words of Wess Stafford, words that brought tears to my eyes every time I heard him speak them this week: If God makes you strong, it is so you can help those who are weak.

May you embrace your own strength and offer help to those who need it. And may you accept your weakness when others help you, being wise enough to receive it.


After a full week in Uganda, it’s time for us to head back home. We were supposed to fly out last night but we had a minor glitch in the form of missing our flight. We’ll head back to the airport shortly, but on our way out I wanted to thank you for following our trip, for offering your prayers, and for sponsoring the children of Uganda.

It has been an honor to travel with some of my favorite writers this weekend. If you haven’t had a chance to read all of their posts, I chose one from each of them to highlight here for you. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Are you ready to sponsor a child today? Here’s where you can release a child from poverty in Jesus’ name.


  1. time2smile says

    Thank you for the “strong to help the weak” picture of life. I will be using this in the upcoming summer months as I encourage cabin counselors at a camp where I volunteer.

  2. says

    As I read your book I am being blessed, and then doubly blessed when I read your posts. I pray for safe travels for you and all involved and pray too, that I will move beyond my fears, and insecurities one step at a time. God bless your work in Uganda, and the children there.

  3. Judy says

    Traveling mercies to you and all those with you. We have sponsored two children, and two LDP college students with Compassion, but our two college students have graduate over the last year or so. One of them was from Uganda, and to honor her, and all her hard work, today I chose a little girl, 3 year old Anna, to start sponsoring. Thank you for prodding me .

  4. says

    Wishing you traveling mercies, Emily! I’ve been moved by your accounts of your time in Uganda thus far. My family has sponsored 3 children through Compassion, and it has been a great experience corresponding with them and watching them grow up. We began years ago, when I still lived at home, and now my younger brother, Willie, has taken up the mantle.

    Willie is brilliant, hilarious, and on the autism spectrum; he prays for each of the children we’ve sponsored every night. One of my favorite moments of this past holiday season was sitting at the computer with Willie, co-writing a letter to Oliver, our newest sponosored child.

    And as we wrote I thought, How beautiful are the gifts we receive when we open our hands. So, thank you for reminding me of that moment, of what’s really important in life.

  5. Jen says

    I am so excited! I’ve been reading all of your posts all week, as well as the other bloggers, including your sister. My heart aches for a way to help. I’ve felt that way for years as I’ve read all the compassion bloggers visiting these children. I keep waiting to have more money in the bank so giving wouldn’t be so difficult. This time was different, I refuse to wait while these children need and have so close to nothing. I’m so happy with my decision. I sponsored a little girl this morning named Moreen. I went through the whole process but it didn’t give me any contact info. I’m hoping they send that to me via email? I want to write to her ASAP. I couldn’t stop thinking about her yesterday and praying for her. Thank you so much for all of you who go and share this with us, it’s humbling. God bless!

  6. says

    Emily, I have so loved your blog posts throughout this trip. Each one has been a real, raw view into the lives of these children. A divine mesh of broken and beautiful. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus, and for going on behalf of sponsors everywhere. Thank you so much.

  7. says

    Emily, I live stateside now, but I grew up in Africa, and left almost 20 years ago. Seeing y’all’s pics and reading your stories brings back many memories. So glad y’all were able to go. I’d love to go back someday and give to those who need it the most.

  8. says

    Hovered over every Uganda post with joy for those young ones who are so ecstatic with your visit. The brilliant smiles, the clean clothes, the simple yet gracious hospitality, the parade(!) … praises for this ministry.

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