update on speaking, books, and Tuesdays in December

My microwave is working overtime this morning. I’ve re-heated my coffee eight times already. Since my brain seems to only want to work in compartments today, I thought it appropriate to do a bullet point post. Ready?

  • I spent last weekend in South Carolina with the ladies at Shandon Baptist Church – what a lovely group. My dear friend Melissa traveled with me – have you met her? You should.
  • My next speaking gig isn’t until December 29. For any of you college girls in Cru, I’ll be at Encounter this year – the Mid South Regional Winter Conference. Let me know if I’ll see you there!
  • Graceful has been available for two months now. It is a relief to finally have her out in the world and I’ve enjoyed hearing from those of you who have read the book – either on your own or with your small groups. If you’ve read it, would you mind leaving a review at Amazon or Barnes and NobleI hate asking more than you could possibly know, but reviews are so helpful.
  • Remember that time I told you I was going to send out newsletters and then I did a few times and then I stopped? Yeah. I’d like to be a little more consistent with it. My goal is to send subscribers exclusive content, suggested reading, and short updates once a month. If you want to be sure to receive November’s, you can sign up here.
  • Book number 3 is due in less than five weeks. What? I know. I have nothing new to tell you about it except that I am thankful for the opportunity to write it. I can’t wait to share it with you next year.
  • Speaking of next year, I think we’ve finally passed the normal dates and are entering into the dates that, when we were kids, seemed futuristic. 2013? For real?
  • Now I’m just wasting your time.
  • One last thing! I’m thinking of bringing Tuesdays Unwrapped back just for the month of December again this year. Any thoughts on that? Would you want to play along?


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    Loved getting to meet you and Melissa last weekend. Thank you so much for coming to Columbia and sharing your heart. Excited for what’s on the horizon for you- and yes, 2013 seems futuristic (says the girl who remembers dancing and singing to Prince’s 1999 and thinking: that’s like, so totally far away!)

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    I’ll unwrap a Tuesday {or 4} with you in December. I love Tuesdays Unwrapped. Any I’m DYING for scoop on this new book. Seriously, I am waaaaay excited.

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    I would like to do Tuesdays Unwrapped- I missed it last year! My 31 days series really helped me to stop and pause through October, and I’d love the reason to do that in December. (Sad I need the reason, but it’s true!) :) I am glad I am not the only one who reheats the same cup of coffee all morning…my husband thinks it’s gross! LOL

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    Yes!! If you do tuesday unwrapped I will surely join in! Also – I did recently sign up for your newsletter and was wondering if there was a way to view previous ones?

    Just love your writing and the encouragement I find in this space. :-)

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    I met some of my dearest blogging friends through your Tuesdays Unwrapped, back four years ago when you did it for the very first time, and I’d love to see it again. :)

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    I’ve missed Tuesday’s Unwrapped and would love for you to bring it back.

    You are just as adorable in person as I thought you would be. And you talk almost as fast as my mama. Love it!

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    Ooo, yes, please do Tuesdays Unwrapped again! Also, my small group is almost done with GFTGG! Doing the study with these other women was just beyond words. So excited for your third new book!

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